Ideal ssd size?

I have a 1GB drive with ~115GB in the “programs” folder.
What is your recommendation for ssd size?
Does VeloSSD use the trim command on the the SSD when necessary? Do I need to do some manual maintenance on this drive?
Is the backup software “rebit” compatible with VeloSSD?

Thanks in advance!

you can find that out by yourself:
-install a cache, maybe 32gb.
-run your favourite apps
-run VeloSSD App, look in the volume page.
-sum up the r/w amount shown there.
That size plus 10-15 % is the low end
size you need to build the cache with.

There is no explicit need for manual

Backup Software:we should open an
extra Thread because i think many people
ask themselves and there is a lot of
different backup software out there.