Ideal reading speed curve for 8x on-the-fly?



Hi, guys!
I have a LiteOn SOHD-167T, and it is a decent reader (speed-wise), but it has great problems when reading at speeds above 10x. I would like to be able to do some reliable 8x on-the-fly copying. My burner burns @8x Z-CLV (the very beginning, less than 10% of the disc is burned @6x, and the rest @8x) very fast, and the Litey can’t keep up. I can tune up speed by a patched firmware, but each and every disc (pressed or burned, + or -, bitset or not) presents a problem above 10-11x. I would like for Litey to begin @6x as it usually does when reading DVD-ROM, but I would like it to reach the certain speed (eg. 9x) and to maintain it, without speed-ups or drops. The ideal curve would be the one I marked with red on the graph.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Are you sure your drive is operating at least at UDMA2 ?
If your burner starts burning 8x at less than 10% (440 MB), your start read speed of 5.5x is too slow, as it has not reached 8x at that disk position.