Ideal media solution blue ray & dvd ripper

Hello. I am new to this but here goes, I just ordered the blue ray & dvd ripper software the other night and upon trying to use the blue ray ripper on a movie, it would not work. I then moved on to use the dvd ripper and it worked great on about 6-7 movies. My problem is that after that when I try to rip now it will do most of the movie but then says “failed to rip”. I do not know why it is now acting up but I would like some help please and thank you. I don’t know if I will be able to find this post to see a response but if I could have an email from ideal media solution then that would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately Ideal Media has not been responsive to inquiries here for some time and their subforum posts have been moved into the general movie copy forum.

I would suggest getting MakeMKV. It is free to use while in beta, and has been in beta status for quite a long time now. It will tell you that you have a limited time to use it, but all you have to do is reinstall it, or get another beta key from their forum. That key can be found here:

MakeMKV can rip from the disc to the hard drive in two ways. Normally it takes the main movie and produces an MKV file that is not compressed. The second method is to start in Backup mode, then rip the entire movie to the hard drive.

Once the Blu-ray is decrypted and on the hard drive in either of these two methods, you can use Handbrake or VidCoder to compress them to a smaller size and/or change to MP4 format. Most of the time I use MKV format since it works well in all my equipment, but some devices require MP4. Both Handbrake and VidCoder are free to use.

Well I appreciate your response…I hate that they are quick to take your money when you order but when you need to talk to someone there is never a phone number and even the email link didn’t work. Well I will try what you have suggested and if the blue ray doesn’t work then I guess I am just out of the money I paid for it from them. Thanks again for the reply.

If you have any problems, feel free to post again and I will do my best to help.

Sorry that I don’t have a solution for the software that you purchased.