Ideal Media Solution 5.0.0 Beta is out, added a video downloader module

Hi, my friends, we just finished Ideal Media Solution 5.0.0 Beta version, in this version, we added a new module: Video Dowloader. With this module, you can dowload any format video from the following video sites:

Download URL:

If you know any other large video site you always used, feel free to contact us, we’ll update our program to support that site. And feel free to feedback any operation or bug in this version. Thanks.

How to begin with the new feature?
Step 1: Open the video site you want to download video.

Step 2: Choose the video file you’re interesed and open it.
Step 3: Press Ctrl+C to copy the URL of the current video.

Step 4: Open Ideal Media Solution, click on VideoDownloader tab.
Step 5: Choose the format of the video you want to download, then rename it if you like. Our program will auto parse the url and list all formats of the current video.
Step 6: Click Start button to begin download.

That’s a very useful addition Moonlight79.

I’m sure that will generate a lot of interest.


Thanks. Hope so!:iagree:

Looks nice moonlight nice adtion.:flower:

:smiley: New feature but the same price to get the whole solution, wish users like it.

Updated the beta version again for added new sites we supported. Now, you also can download video from the following sites:

Dailymotion,, CodeProject.TV

Your dedication to this program is great. I really like it and other members should give it a try, I think they will also like it.:clap:

Nice second beta Moonlight it is working great one windows 8 64 bit.:clap:

Thanks, alan and xorsists. We’ll release the official version soon.