Ideal DVDs for slow-burning Panasonic DVR?

I have a Panasonic DMR80 and am finally getting around to transferring my family video tapes (about 60 of 'em!) to digital. The drill is to transfer to the Panny’s HD and dub to DVD-R (only format the unit recognizes).

I want the longest (known, at least) lasting, most reliable DVDs I can find that can burn nicely at probably 1-2X, which is what the DMR80 does. I’ve used some 1-2.4X CompUSA discs (Princo’s) in the past, and the results have been superb. But not feeling very confident that Princo et al will hold up over the long haul (duh!), I’d like some suggestions for quality media that provides good slow burns – which undoubdtely eliminates such candidates as 16X Varbatim, 8X TY Sony.

My ES10 will burn flawlessly to almost any current high-speed media. But why not use RW or RAM to record and transfer to your PC for better authoring, menus and such? Then you can have more control over the final burn process and quality therein.

I agree, that would be ideal. Unfortunately the DMR80 doesn’t burn RW (later model Panny DVRs do) and when I recorded to RAM my LG 5160 wouldn’t recognize it, though I can use the LG to write & read RAM discs burned – though I have to reformat – on it. Is there possible another PC burner that might recognize these?

If the Panny is formatting RAM to UDF 2.0, most any RAM burner should read it, given a good RAM driver on the PC. Is the 5160 an external drive? If so, that might be a factor.

Anyway, if you have a bunch of old Princo left, use that to transfer to PC then throw it away. :wink:

That’s exactly what I’m doing, I just wish I had more than 6 of them left.

You may have hit on something, as my 5160 is external – my internals being a Plex 708 & 716. I’ll check around for an internal burner that does RAM (the Plex 760 is too far away :smiley: )

BTW, I wasn’t aware one needed RAM PC drivers – so either my Panny IS formatting for UDF 2.0 or the external LG isn’t (no driver?!?). Though I just formatted a fresh Panasonic DVD-RAM disc on the DMR80, burned some video on it on it – it played fine on the Panny – but when I put it in my PC’s 5160, it didn’t recognize the disc.

Thanks for your advice. More research needed on my end, but you’ve given me some hope :bigsmile:

The WindowsXP RAM driver only handles FAT formats. You need InCD or the Panasonic driver for UDF formats (reading or writing)

If you’re out for a new burner, either the LG 4167 or NEC 4550 are fine burners that also do RAM. But first, try InCD if you have Nero and see if it can use the external. The Panasonic driver will work with either the NEC or LG burners, but not a 5160.

Thank you once again for your generous and valuable advice. I’ll probably pick up one of the drives you mentioned as I loathe Nero – a bugfest if ever there was one, IMHO. Also, I’m running Win2K, so the XP UDF drivers may not work unless they also come in 2000 flavours.

Roxio’s DirectCD is also supposed to handle UDF 2.0, but I’ve not tried it. In the USA, the only current access to a NEC 4550 is the MadDog triple-format burner at Circuit City or CompUSA. The MadDog will have to be flashed to NEC firmware for the Panasonic driver to work. LG 4167 is pretty cheap at NewEgg.

Don’t use InCD for if you want to read a RAM disc on a PC when the RAM was recorded on a Panasonic standalone machine. It took me forever to find out why I kept getting “access denied” messages any time I tried to read it. Even having InCD on the machine blocked the disc read; I had to totally remove all files. Also don’t try formatting the RAM discs on the PC and then using them in you Panasonic. The machine locks up totally and you need a major reset just to get the &^%$ thing out. Let the Panasonic format, and skip all the fancy stuff you can do on the PC.

I’ve done so here many times, with no problems.

I don’t doubt it but many users have had nothing but problems. I posted a year or so ago and found a lot of people with the same trouble. Maybe the bugs are worked out.