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Hey Wombler , Good reveiw .
I didn’t see a merge function . I won’t go into it in any depth in this thread but was curious if Ideal DVD Copy has that ability.


[QUOTE=cholla;2614051]Hey Wombler , Good reveiw .
I didn’t see a merge function . I won’t go into it in any depth in this thread but was curious if Ideal DVD Copy has that ability.[/QUOTE]

Thanks cholla.

It doesn’t have a merge feature at the moment but they may have plans for this in the future.



[QUOTE=cholla;2614051]Hey Wombler , Good reveiw .
I didn’t see a merge function . I won’t go into it in any depth in this thread but was curious if Ideal DVD Copy has that ability.[/QUOTE]

Hi, cholla

Do you mean join two dvds into one? I’ll discuss this with my programmer then give you a reply.


Hi Moonlight79 , No not exactly .
If you use this feature as covered in Womblers review :
"Split a DVD-9 movie to two 4.7GB discs without loss of quality " .
A Merge feature that will join the two 4.7GB discs back together into the original DVD-9.
At least with everything that was kept in the Split. Including the original menu.
To explain further if all the “Special Features” were kept those would be in the “Merged” DVD-9. I hope I explained that well enough.

[B] I also don’t want to clutter Wombler’s review with too much on this . [/B]

This started with another thread concerning DVDFab’s doing this . Which it can’t .
Here is the link it explains a lot:


[QUOTE=cholla;2614116] [B] I also don’t want to clutter Wombler’s review with too much on this . [/B]

No problem cholla. :flower:

I’ve created a new thread for you and moved the posts in here so feel free to discuss this as much as you need to.

It would also be useful to be able to select titlesets from different discs or separate hard drive folders and put them on to one DVD.

I’d have thought that the functionality to do this is pretty much there since the episodic DVD function already has the ability to select multiple titlesets and put them on to one DVD.

Depending on how it’s done this may well solve your problem as well.



Thanks, cholla

I’ll read that thread carefully, and discuss the feature with my programmer on Monday then post back soon. :wink:


Hi, cholla

I’ve discussed this feature with my programmer, he said the complex thing is the menu. Program can’t figure out what the original menu is, so it’s impossible to join two splitted dvds with the original menu. What we can do is to create a menu to play the two part main movie on the two discs.

Sorry :frowning:
At present, we also don’t have the plan to add this feature to ideal dvd copy program. We’re busy improving blu-ray copy and develope a new dvd ripper.


Hi Moonlight79 ,
First Thanks for responding & checking with your programmer .
I’m sorry to hear that you don’t plan to add an “UnSplit” feature .
I know that most of the work seems to be for blu-ray .
Just don’t forget many of us are still using DVD & even those with blu-ray
have many old commercial DVDs. Most don’t plan on throwing those away.

I wanted to see if I could do this as in the “Guide” in the link.
I did so it’s not:

[QUOTE=Moonlight79;2614407]impossible to join two splitted dvds with the original menu [/QUOTE]
I did it with “Freeware” .
Have your programmer read the guide & give it a try.

I’ve complained here at & on the DVDFab site forum about DVDFab Copy not doing this or having an “UnSplit” feature. I made a “Feature Request” on the DVDFab site forum . So far no reply to that from their staff. Some of the site mods responded but they are not DVDFab staff .

My complaint is the same about Ideal DVD Copy . If it can be programed to “Split” a DVD-9 then it should be much easier for your programmer to create a “Reverse” of the “Split” since he knows how the “Split” was done.
In effect an “UnSplit” feature.
Maybe you will explain why someone that programs a feature can’t program a reverse or undo. And do this without a backup folder being used. So this could be accomplished by ripping the two DVDs of the Split again. Then using “UnSplit” .
I wouldn’t expect your softwares “UnSplit” to do this with a DVDFab “Split” just it’s own.
The same would be true for DVDFab Copy . I wouldn’t expect their “UnSplit” to work on an Ideal DVD Copy “Split” . Just their own.



Thanks for your more detailed explanation about this feature. Blu-ray is our most important work at present, because we still have a lot of things to research in this field, and our blu-ray copy software isn’t perfect, we need to work out a version with most standard features such as shrinking as soon as possible. Anyway, we’ll still keep updating our dvd copy software. But before we adding a new feature, we should consider if it is worthy adding, whether a lot of users need this feature, how about the developing work etc. At present, I don’t know how many users need this feature. From our customer support department’s statistics, only a few users have such a request.

If possible, maybe you may help me post a poll to do a statistic, then we may consider adding this feature in future version.

BTW, I don’t understand since you just request our program to merge the splitted discs spitted by our program, why you need to do so? Wish I din’t misunderstand your meaning.


Hi Moonlight79 ,
First let me say I’m always impressed when the author of a software responds to questions & suggestions.
That is something that will get people to purchase your software.

I’m pretty good at a detailed answer.
For me this started when another forum member wanted to do this with DVDFab.
He had made a set of DVDs form a “Split” done with DVDFab . Over time the original had been damaged
beyond copying so he wanted to create a single DVD-9 from his “Split” backup . A lot of people made
these two single layer discs of a movie to keep the quality better when dual layer discs weren’t
very good. Some did it because it was cheaper.
If you Goggle this you will find posts from people wanting to do this.
I’m sure it is a limited group .
The thing is this feature would probably adapt to joining other videos ; so would be useful to more people
than just the limited group.

The problem is that most copy software that has a “Merge” leaves out the original menu. Usually having no menu.

So to answer this a second time to make the reason clear.
The original commercial DVD has been damaged beyond copying.
The backup copies for this DVD were done with a “Split” so the one movie is on two single layer discs.
What is now wanted is a DVD-9 backup copy on a dual layer disc .
The DVD folder necessary to write the DVD-9 needs to be created from the two discs of the “Split” .
The end result wanted is an original working menu on the DVD-9 backup copy to a dual layer DVD.

I haven’t ever started a Poll here but I will look into it.


Thanks, cholla

I saw your Poll about this feature :flower: