Ideal burner for DVD-RAM, EAC ripping: LG 4167B?

I’m finally getting a DVD burner and would like some quality CDFreaks recommendations! My most important criteria are DVD-RAM compatability (which is why I’ve ruled out the BenQ 1650/1655) and excellent CD reading, for use with EAC (which is why I’ve ruled out the NEC models). I’m still debating between the Pioneer 111 and the LG 4167B, but am leaning more towards the LG. I am also considering the H10N, but I can’t find enough solid info about it yet (as far as read quality)

Can anyone give me some of the advantages of the Pioneer over the LG, and how the Pioneer does with EAC? i’m reading that Pioneer has fantastic writing capabilities but does not support bitsetting without unofficial firmware. Also, I understand that the LG works best as a paperweight when it comes to scanning… but how important is scanning exactly? Is it vital for practical use, or is it more of a purist thing?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

EDIT: also, if it makes a difference, I will be using this as an external drive via firewire with my Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop.

Check out the BenQ DW1670 if you are only looking at DVD-Ram & EAC - mine works very well with EAC and is proving to be a very good reader. Drawbacks are no scanning capability and you have to use MCSE to alter strategies if you want to burn 16x media at 12x. Otherwise take a good look at the Lite-On 165P6S - DVD-RAM, scanning, decent burner and it works well with EAC tho is very slow. Might be a read patch somewhere, but I am running stock f/w on my 160P6S (same drive but no DVD-RAM capability).

just saw your edit - I have used the BenQ 1670 in an external, is UDMA4. I believe the Lite-Ons are also and work well in external enclosures, tho I haven’t tried that with mine

That was actually on my list of potentials but I’ve read about its very slow EAC speed, which is a definite turn-off for me. I’m also reading that it’s burn quality is subpar.

And now I’ve read that LG drives + external enclosures = messiness… which makes me slightly nervous…

My Litey is a good burner, turning out decents burns even on sub par media. My major complaint is its slow ripping speed under EAC (can rip 2 on the ASUS E616A in the time it takes the Litey to do one).

If scanning isn’t a priority and you don’t like the Lite-On, take a long look at the BenQ 1670 then. I am finding it burns as well as the 1650 for the most part, rip speed is decent and its almost as accurate as the ASUS. I just altered all the 16x strategies to 12x through MCSE for 16x media since I rarely if ever burn at 16x anyway.


the best audio ripper (EAC secure mode) in my bunch of drives is the LG 4163. 4167 and H10 should be similar, I suppose. Also, it is one of my best CD burners together with my Benq.
Concering external use: Note that there was the 5163, an external version of the 4163 on the market. Chipset of the enclosure was Prolific 3507.
Maybe you should ask again in the LG section.
Another remark: for testing purposes, I connected a 4167 to an USB/IDE adapter (crappy Myson Century chipset). The drive worked well, but I doubt, that it would reach maximum DVD speed, as I did not test this. For CD purposes, it would surely be enough.
According to this article the 4167 would reach 12x DVD speed with a Cypress based enclosure.

4166 (externals are 216x) and H20 are probably faster with external cases, but I don’t know, how good they are in CD ripping and burning. Let’s have a look if there is a review of one of these drives.
EDIT: According to the review of the 4166, this generation of drives is not as good as the 4167/H10 drives, when it comes to ripping.

My Liteon is slow with EAC secure mode and it is one of my worst CD writers. That is not by hardware, but thay messed something up with recent firmware releases. With Sony MY*3 firmware, the burn quality was very good. Advantage: The Litey works good in externals (Cypress chipset).

EDIT #2: The Liteon is only able to scan DVD media. As CD scanner, the drive is useless.


Well. According to the review here at CDF, the H10 series is much slower than (the now considered outdated) 4167. Never thought that :frowning: