Idea for SlySofts AnyDVD

This idea will help reduce blacklisted registration keys.
So, the keys can not be sold/shared for too long: The idea is
to expire the registration key in two weeks. In other words the
reg key will only be good for 2 weeks after that, the reg key will
say: “Your AnyDVD Registration key has expired”. Just an idea.

What good would that do? Just anger a bunch of paying clients by making them change keys every two weeks?

Yeah great idea :rolleyes:

Even I must say :Z

How about a hard ware id challenge
and if you update or change you PC you just email the hardware ID and you get the new activation via email to origianal account

If anybody is familiar with Auction sentry a $15 dollar Ebay sniper program
that is what they do
you pay and send program generated hardware id (The program itself soes it automatically) and few minutes later get a key in your email that works only on the same Pc
they are very generous and allow you 2-3 PC use and I have changed and reloaded OS many times and even built a new PC and always get a new key
Stolen , sharing keys, is 0.00% with this type of registration is a thing of the past

Yes, but it doesn’t stop people from using cracks or loaders.

I know another company that does this too and it is impossible to have it on more than one machine with their coding.

Geesh. that’s a bit draconian.

Is it possible that the overwhelming majority of users are responsible, don’t give out their key, make copies of their paperwork, copies of their activation key and remember their e-mail address?

If so, I think the burden should continue to be on the end-user to protect their own interests.

I am strictly against hardware bound activation. It gives me an uncomfortable feeling. Will the publisher give me a new activation key if I change hardware? What if he closes down? Happened quite often. Ravisent Cinemaster activation? DVDXcopy?
If I can choose between products, I will always buy the one without activation. Some manufacturers didn’t get my money, because I found an alternative product without activation.
I passed on TheaterTek and bought ZoomPlayer. I didn’t even try 1-click dvd copy because it has activation (and yearly update fees, but that’s a different story).
Activation on AnyDVD would hurt me, as I don’t know of an alternative product for my Home Theater PC.

I too am against stringent activation
but if the company is honest and fair with supplying activation codes to the e-mail account of purchase it should be alright
AUction Sentry great developer and fair nearly limitless activation codes
I have gotten nearly 8-10 from them without the blink of an eye, as the harware ideas on my 2 pc’s changed often

now compare with MS who puts you thru a torture spell if the hardware id changes a bit
changed a video card and OS deactivated with 30 day expiration limit
on a legit activation
then you have to go thru the begging re-activation ordeal

I guess it depends
I think SS will be fair

They might. But as a new customer, how do I know that they are?
What happens if they drop or change business? If they are bought by a different company?
And activation doesn’t protect from cracks. Look at Microsoft XP or Office. It only hurts the honest buyer.

Look, I know there are tons of AnyDVD lovers on these forums, but how anybody - even them - can support that kind of hardcore protection is beyond me.

I do NOT support or advocate piracy, but pulling this level of protection out of your arsenal is going to inflame not only the people writing keygens and hacks, but likely your current and potential customer base as well.

When you are already pushing for $50 a copy for a utility that has to compete with other solutions that do most of it for FREE, it’s hard enough to keep folks happy with the idea of making a purchase. You throw this kind of “We don’t trust you” vibe at them - the same as this Microsoft Genuine Validation crap - you may seriously damage your business.

Unlike Microsoft, AnyDVD does NOT own the market, and cannot exert that kind of power without consequences. DVDFab Decrypter and RipIt4Me are out there and there is nothing stopping people from downloading and using them. You push too hard and people are going to turn to those alternatives and against AnyDVD, on principle alone.

God forbid people actually get angry enough to start trying to cause trouble for AnyDVD as a functional violator of the DMCA. Sometimes people don’t know when to just leave well enough alone. You start torquing people off like this and you may open up a Pandora’s Box of trouble. I believe in and support Fair Use rights, but the law is the law, and when push comes to shove, the law is going to win.

There has got to be a better way than this type of solution. It just goes too far, imo.

Spend time building loyalty - not fanaticism - and show people that AnyDVD is WORTH every dime they pay for it. Work on a more sophisticated key system - sure - but don’t start treating paying customers with less respect because you can’t find a better way to combat piracy than to inconvenience loyal users.

It costs alot to effectively support a product after the sale… Every company has an obligation to itself and its customers to protect its intellectual property, as failing to do so will bring the demise of that company…and its the paying customers who lose.

Its a real highwire act for a company to provide both simplistic registration AND effective protection from piracy. Leaning too far in either direction can wreck the business, but if a company is to err, it must be in protecting itself from theft.

Loyal customers will accept a certain amount of inconvenience in updating and registering the product… those that don’t, you probably don’t really need as part of your customer base. Those are the ones that really should be using the freeware.

BeardedKirklander… I don’t really see how the DMCA comes into play where SlySoft is concerned. They are not based in the US and not subject to US Code. I guess the US can always handle SlySoft the same way it does internet gambling… loudly yet ineffectually.

I do agree with your general thesis that there must be a better way… there almost always is.

Allofmp3 is in Russia, but the US is able to pressure them to help close it down.

Perhaps making the product where they are based is not illegal, but selling to US customers may be. Programmers outisde of that based area may also be subject to prosecution, depending on local laws where they live.

I’m not advocating going after AnyDVD, but it is quite possible that if AnyDVD ends up in a higher profile situation, unwanted attention could cause them some serious issues. Who knows. Stranger things have happened.

I think Slysoft needs to move carefully on this matter. They can not alienate their support base because of the symbiotic relationship where coustomers provide information on new protections. Any registeration plan may
need to be unlike microsoft to keep customers.

I am sorry but your argument holds no water at all
""“IF”"" SS were to implement a simplistic activation system ie fully automatic with no licence quantity restriction (or at least a fair # lets just say 10 for the moment) to the original buyer email address, how would that hurt their customer base, and how does it show disrespect for their loyal customers.
In fact it would strengthen ther selling base as many of the illegal reg users would be forced to buy and the rest would have to use unreliable cracks.

If SS were to become ''MEAN"" that could happen anyway.

As far as getting uder the limelight
their CEO gives interviews bragging about AD’s protection busting power

i don’t think theres any need to change the way it handled, i’ve backed up my keys, the registration works most of the time. IE; i had a small problem with ZA blocking it (thanks zaq). at the end of the day, the keys are your responcablity, you should keep them safe, & if you share them, well thats your fault & i think i wouldn’t like to go to any activation :Z

just my opinion :slight_smile:

Why is everyone so worried about their key(s)? I agree with Bjproc. Same with any software you buy :wink:

I basically hate activation too
but would understand if a small company needed it to control piracy to prevent bankruptcy and not use it as a means to control a legits users installs on other PCs they may own al la MS
A fair number of initial automatic licences to original e-mail with liberal subsequent no question asked re-install licences would be the only acceptable way IMHO
anything else I would be very wary to purchase

i see where your coming from zaq,

i’ve tried contacting SS about a change of my email address but it was all in vain, i think i’ve sent off 2 or 3 email and i’m still getting the update emails to my old address even with comformation that they have updated the system with my new email address, i’m sure there other poeple in the same boat