Idea about replies

sometimes two people write a reply almost at same time that basicly says the same thing , and one of em submits his before the other , the other doesnt notice it yet…, then we have 2 replies that says same thing , so my idea is , when submitting a reply it will be checked if theres new replies to the thread,if there is then it wont submit the reply yet and will say something like “theres new replies to the thread,please have a look before submitting”

Sounds nice, maybe you can submit this to vbulletin, the makers of this forum software (we only bought the license).

However, if the user has already put in the time and energy of writing the reply, he might as well submit it…even if it is exactly the same (which it never is, always subtle differences).

It can be noticed very easily if there is already another reply on the thread: before to post click on the “Preview Post” button and scroll down: if someone posted faster than you, the reply is already visible and you can see it and decide if posting your reply anyway or delete it :slight_smile:

Ah-ha…the secret of the faster-than-a-horny-rabbit-at-an-all-girls-chocolate-easter-egg-factory poster!!!


Yo Deano-

[I]Only[/I] you (and maybe me) would post a saying like that-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: :smiley: