Ide1004 Dvd+rw 4x

Hi, i bought a BTC IDE1004 dvd±rw burner and i’ve read “Writing speed (DVD+/-R, DVD+RW) 1x, 2x, 4x”.
Which DVD+RW medias can I burn at 4x?


So far I’ve only seen those with media code: RICOHJPNW11.

So far they are almost impossible to get, but you may get them as Memorex 4X DVD+RW in a few shops (especially in the US).

Always check the BTC media compatibility list if you want to be sure about media compatibility

BTC Europe Support

6 Ritek RITEK 0040 DVD+RW 1-4X 4.7GB ¡@ ¡@
7 MKM ¡@ DVD+RW 1-4X 4.7GB ¡@ ¡@

What is the mean of “i@” (for MKM)?


Probably they did not have the media code available?

Chemical Warrior,

It’s an Internet Explorer code page thing.

My Explorer is set to Traditional Chinese language codepage, so I didn’t see the problem. Only when I switched to Western-European codepage I saw your problem.

I will ask the website designers to check it and correct it asap.

BTC Europe Support

Hmmm so no easy 4x DVD+RW.
Has anyone noticed some media getting recognised for 4 speed after upping to 43 with Nero6019 ?
There’s not even an option for choosing 2.4 speed when burning DVD+RW with the philips010 media.