I didnt know which forum to put this in so i stuck it in the newbie forum…

How do you find out which drives are taking up which master/slave, primary/secondary slots…?

Eg: Is there somewhere where it says

DvD Rom: Primary master
Writer: Primary Slave
Etc, Etc

You should be able to see this info in the BIOS. Also, if you watch closely, this info normally flashes on the screen during boot. You can push the ‘Pause’ button to pause the boot sequence.

In your BIOS Setup usually.

all you have to do is run Nero Info Tools and it will tell you which CD or DVD drive is master or slave and for your hard drives look in your system Bios

If you don’t like blue screens, some motherboards say it in the POST. It depends what MoBo you have. Some say it in the next screen.