IDE vs SATA for DVD writers



Hi everybody,

I am wondering if the SATA interfase is really worth in the case of DVD/CD writers (I am sure it is useful in the case of hard drives).

On the other hand, I changed the motherboard some months ago and this mobo has only one IDE channel (it is possible to connect only 2 devices) and I have 2 IDE hard disks but the DVD writer is also IDE. Result: one hard disk is stored :frowning:

I am considering buying a SATA DVD writer but I am not sure if it will work better (lower burning times, faster access, less coasters, etc).

I am opening this discussion as a source of info about this question.



Short answer: no. Furthermore, if it’s an exotic chipset, SATA burner will likely work worse than PATA one.


I too tried a SATA DVD burner and it gave me fits. When installing any OS the system would hang for 5 to 10 minutes before the install would start. I had a new MB and I thought that might be the problem but when I moved back to my PATA DVD burner all my problems went away.

Stay away from SATA burners until you find one that works!
Also, if you mix SATA burners and PATA burners in the same system they can be problematic as well. There are IDE to SATA adapters at many online computer stores which will allow you to connect your hard drives to the SATA ports on your MB and free up the IDE controller for DVD burner(s).

You can also buy a SATA hard drive if you can afford to.


It depends on the motherboard really, so you can’t generalise.

I’ve been using a SATA Samsung DVD reader and a SATA Plextor 760SA DVD rewriter for 3 years now, no problems with install, or performance issues.

Also, 25 DELL PCs at work are all SATA DVD rewriters and they install Windows Vista and work without problems.


I’ve never had any issues with SATA optical drives. I use motherboards with Intel and nVidia chipsets at the moment but I have used VIA and ATI motherboards in the past also with no issues.



I have a SATA LG burner and a IDE Liteon burner both work fine off my ASUS M4A78-E motherboard.
Also a SATA HDD and a USB HDD.



Thanks for your answers.

As far as I can deduct from the answers up to now… SATA burners are not as reliable as IDE ones.

I suspect there is a bit of “resistance to change” in the answers. I also have this resistance, in part for the prices of the new artifacts or pieces and partially because I have seen many cases of faulty new artifacts and after some time the defects were corrected. “Second generation” artifacts are allways better than the very first generation ones.

Even worst, in some cases there were no second generation (Rambus memories, for example). I can acquire PC100 memories from several sources but it is very difficult to obtain Rambus memory today.

As I said in the first, I expect this thread will be useful for people with same questions.


there is no problem with sata IF you have a recent chipset/board.

If you gotta old duck better stick to ide