IDE -> USB 2.0 enclosure. How to?

Hi there. Just purchased a DVD+RW and I want to move my existing CD-RW to an external USB 2.0 case. I can purchase the case and set it up, but how does Win* ( I am using XP ) detect it as a CD-RW and will everything be seemless or do I need to hunt down different drivers, etc. for this to work?

Anyone with experience with this could you shed some light? :bigsmile:

Thanks for your time…

If it is a good case with correct interfacing from IDE to USB2 , you will not need any drivers at all for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Usually the USB part of the interface recognizes the plugged-in connection and tells the Operating System it’s a IDE disk. The IDE interface will then go on telling your OS what kind of IDE thing it is , thus creating the driveletter and ATAPI info for it.

A writer program like Nero will usually need no extra settings , plugins, updates or drivers. Dunno about CloneCD or Alcohol120% though.