IDE Ultra ATA controller

I’m changing to a Pioneer DVR-111 from the SHM-165P6S, because I just can’t use the drives for audio rips. See this thread

I have another issue now however. Since its the case that IDE is dying out in favour of SATA, and in the interim we don’t yet have ready availability of SATA burners, we’re in an awkward transitional phase. I say this because my new motherboard for my Core 2 Duo - MSI P965 Platinum, has a 7 SATA channels, but only one (really bad) IDE controller by JMicron. So I went back to my Promise ATA 133 TX2 controller. For some reason Nero just crashes every time I try and burn with a drive attached to this controller !

Now that IDE is disappearing from motherboards, can anyone recommend a bombproof ATA-133 PCI controller that will just work ?




your Promise Ultra apparently does not support ODD. There is a big sticky thread about IDE controllers either in the general hardware or optical drives section.
I am using an onboard Promise PDC20579 (retail would be SATA II 150 series) together with a Samsung SHW163A SATA drive. I also had a Liteon CDRW drive connected to that controller without problems. But I would not consider this controller as “bomb proof”. No controller is.

As Liteon drives are fine with external enclosures, you should also consider this option.


What about a SATA-IDE converter.

I tried a few SATA-IDE convertors. They’re very temperamental. The one that works best is sadly a really dumb shape and very hard to fit in the case !

Have you seen the thread on SATA-IDE convertors in the Pioneer forum?

I have a Gigabyte DS3 motherboard, very similar to your MSI, only one channel of IDE via the Jmicron controller. I have had good luck with a variety of dvd burners running on the Jmicron IDE, including a Liteon 165H6S, a Pioneer 111, a Samsung 182M, and a LG-H10N. My only complaint is that I cannot have more than two connected at once, which has lead me to play with IDE to SATA converters. I presently have the Rosewill model from Newegg, which is problematical so far.

Yes as a p5b-vm 965 chipset owner I have also had trouble with the jmicron controllers and my optical drive.Since they released a new driver for the controllers it seems I am able to now complete a burn with normal quality.The new driver is JMB363_1170400_Beta …I originally read about this driver on a msi forum and a few days later it was released for my asus board…In device manager my optical drive is reported as a scsi drive but all seems to work ok now…here is a link to the msi thread

I have never had these problems with my Gigabyte DS3. I just tested with CDSpeed, and my Liteon is getting 43 MB/sec burst rate. When I had the Samsung 182M installed last week, I was burning at 18x, no problems.