IDE to SATA Converters


I’m planing to buy a new motherboard and it has no native ata slots but it has 6 SATA slots

i currently have 2 DVD-RW drives (PX-716A and PX-716AL)

i was thinking of getting either one of these converters


will either of these work ok with my drives?

is there any kind of drawback or penalty from using these converters or will my drive work 100% the same


A lot depends on the chipset on the converter board and even then it is a crap shoot with optical drives. Plextors had a lot of problems with their SATA drives and, as yet, most others have avoided this mess. If it were me, and I really couldn’t find a board with IDE (there are quite a few) I would go external and get an enclosure with a Prolific 3507 chipset. Even then, you cannot be sure as Plextors can be trouble.

Good luck, maybe someone has tried one of these options before.