Ide to sata and burning

would a ide to sata adapter to use my old dell 8801 that im going to flash to benq, hurt the burning quality? or give me the same quality as the normal ide connection would? i dont know if the brand would matter, i got a startech and it turns ide and molex into a sata L and power L connection, with a box behind it.

ok, could anyone tell me so i don’t have to search it up, what is a good program or test to check on CD’s, to test this drive with while ive got it hooked up in another ide motherboard computer right now. Im flashing the its not a dell but i think it came out of a dell, phillips 8801, to benq 1650, and it did take the bcdc firmware. I don’t know if i didnt try the other flasher first, since the one included with the rpc1 patcher, won’t crossflash after i read and found out.

I’m going to test a burn first, on some blank cd/r’s i got, there taiyo yudens, then compare it whne i switch it back to my other computer using the ide to sata switcher , adapter.
heres the flash from the phillips, had some old i think original firmware. I dont know if this thingw as just flashed back and sold to me but im going to check and see how it does. i wasn’t very sure of its old burns. It might be the adapter. **************//[/img]
whats the good one to get the good test out of? version and stuff. ive got the old computer pulled out to test some stuff with.

The write quality is based on the quality of the media and the drives firmware abilities only. Using a IDE-SATA-Bridge doesn’t have any effect on it. There can be problems with that kind of adapters though, up to the point where the drives don’t work with them at all, so you’ve to try and see what happens.

I never had issues using any of mine with the right IDE to SATA adapters that supported optical drives and I used up to 4 of them back when everything was changing over and IDE ports were going away in favor of many SATA ports.
As long as you can still get ones similar to what I used you should be fine, some only supported hard drives so be careful what you get.
You could also find a stand alone card that adds IDE ports as I’ve used those and cards with just extra SATA ports and combo cards that had both.
They are usually pretty cheap on eBay and same thing, make sure it supports the hardware you want to use as some are picky or the chipset they use just isn’t as supported.

The converter wouldn’t affect quality, but I seem to recall that converters could be a problem with writers or writer software.

If the system has the option to put a couple of the SATA ports into “IDE mode”, that may result in better compatibility - on a system with 6 SATA ports, there is often a BIOS option to put 5/6 into IDE mode.