IDE to Sata adapters or converters?

I am thinking of hooking my currently working IDE HDD drives to my motherboard that comes with six Sata connectors. I founds some of the adapters on Newegg and read the all the reviews of the product as well. Beyond what I read on there has anyone on here tried those products and how was their experience with the hardware? These are the three I am looking at and the first one being less expensive with a 3 year warranty seems more reasonable buy?

Avoid the Bytecc. Their products are often unreliable.

I’d go with the Rosewill. Judging by the reviews, it’s one that people have used and actually seem to like.

This is the one I have used and still use with some of my older setups
I got it at PCMicro but they don’t seem to carry that exact version anymore and Monoprice does for less money with the power adapters included. They also have the same one without the adapters if you don’t need them for about 3 bucks less.
It has worked with many of my old IDE hard drives and my dvd burners as well so also might be a good choice for you though I think the Rosewill one is very similar, I think it uses a different chip set, the Syba version has a Silicon Image chip in it.
The only issues I ever had with them is the things working loose or getting knocked a bit loose while working on the box, and figuring out the power cables becuase my version was just the adapter.