IDE setup suggestion

I shall be getting my ND2500A soon, and the DDU1612 (OEM 166S) arrived today. However, I’d like to keep my 411S@811S in the same computer as well for KProbing. How shall I set up all these drives with the onboard IDE controllers? Currently, the 411S@811S is secondary master. The WD 200-GB is on its Promise controller, so that won’t be a problem. Thanks for any suggestions.


Is the Promise controller integrated?
If not, and you have a free channel on the PCI controller, then you might want to put the burner as MASTER on its on IDE channel.

If it is integrated, look at purchasing a PCI controller card to add more IDE channels to your system.

It may get a little cluttered, but I tend to like my DVDRW as a MASTER drive.


Sorry, it’s a Promise Ultra TX2 PCI card, not an onboard controller, so that’s why I wasn’t worried about using the onboard IDE controllers for all the optical drives. I would most likely put the DVD burners on each channel as masters, I’m just wondering where to fit the DVD-ROM in there. I may just have to play with different configurations and waste some blanks.

In many cases, it really doesn’t matter which drive is master and which is slave - though if you have two optical drives on the same channel, you may hit trouble using both at once (such as if carrying out an ‘on the fly’ copy).

For what it’s worth, I have a Lite On LTD-163 DVD-ROM as my secondary master and a NEC ND-2500A as my secondary slave - things work just fine like that.


Put the rom on the prs.controler,it does not like my 811 will not work in dma, but my hd and rom work fine on it