IDE > Serial ATA?

Hey Guys,
I wanted to ask, after speding over a year with a 40gb HDD im going to upgrade it to somthing bigger… My Q is it worth going to Serial ATA/RAID and how much would it cost (about)? I want around 120gb pos more. Also what has it got over IDE?


SATA is the future, so it’s always worth it to upgrade to future technology. Unless you will be buying high-end drives like Raptors, RAID will get you nothing that’s noticable in every day use. RAID-1 is, however, very secure and redundancy is always a great idea.

Right now, 160GB drives are cheap and plentifull, generally your best value per GB. Don’t skimp on entry-level drives, get the best that the drive makers offers. In the case of WD, that’s the JB series for standard IDE drives. Like THIS . Or, the JD series for SATA, like this .
The Seagate drives are also well respected fro reliability and performance.

Thax fot the advice. My MB doesnt support SATA, what stort of “kits” are out there atm (and cost)?


Your only option is a PCI card controller, they come in a wide range of prices and features. I’m partial to the Promise Fastrack S150-TX2-Plus.

How about setting up an O/S? is it just like using IDE or is it diff? Also how about this card:
Adaptec ASH-1205SA

With this drive:
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120GB SATA


Any of the Barracuda drives will be fine. I don’t know who makes the Adaptec cards, so I can’t comment on them. I’d stick with Promise, but that’s me.

How bout setting up it just like plug in, boot up and install you stuff or does XP need to be configured to run on SATA?


Seeing as SATA 2 is on the horizon and youve got no onboard SATA ports id stick with IDE, the only real world benefit of SATA is that each drive is on its own channel therefore file transferring between each drive is faster, ‘although IDE drives can be setup this way’ but you will either has to stick your CD/DVD/RW on the same channel or purchase a PCI IDE Card, the whole transfer rate issue such as SATA at 150mbps and IDE at ATA100, ATA133 is not really an issue as hard drive speeds rarely hit anywhere near ATA100 speeds, maybe in short bursts but nowhere near that in normal file transfer

Depends on your motherboard and BIOS version. You may need to set it to boot to “SCSI”. (boot sequence). Immediately after booting to your Windoze CD, you will also need to hit F6 and load the drivers for the PCI card. Or, you can also image the old drive to the new one with something like Drive Image. In that case you would need to load the card drivers prior to imaging.

I have a Gigabyte GA-7VAX with BIOS ver. F13. If/when I get a new drive i will do fresh install, and just back up my stuff to DVD/ my old drive.