IDE & SATA interchangeable?

Hi, I gotta buy a new DVD burner to replace a broken one, my questions are:

1 - According to device manager, my current dvd drive is IDE, are these interchangeable with SATA.

2 - If not, will a IDE/Sata conversion cable/plug make them interchangeable?

I’m using XP SP2

They aren’t the same. If you have extra SATA ports onboard you can plug in a SATA burner no problems as long as the ports aren’t set to RAID. There are also SATA to IDE converters and IDE to SATA so you could try that route if you only have IDE ports, or they are full or something. There also are add on SATA and IDE cards if you want to add more drives then your board has room for now. Just make sure they actually support optical drives in a non RAID mode, many only support hard drives.
There are some long threads on here about what add on cards work if you want to try that route.

Onya Dartman, you’ve helped immensely, I’m replacing a DVD Player whose tray got hooked up on my ample stomach as i went by and i found a Pioneer Sata burner at a good price and wasn’t sure if it would replace my Ide drive.

Live long and prosper.

Well good luck, if your boards fairly new and you haven’t filled it with Hard drives and burners you probably have free SATA ports that will work.
Check your manual if you have it or download it and it should say what you have and what it supports.
My new board has 6 SATA ports, and one IDE so it can do 6 optical drives or Hard drives that are SATA and 2 that are IDE as it sets. I do have to set the SATA ports as IDE to use all of them for regular non RAID hard drives or burners.