IDE: Samsung 202j or Pioneer 115BK?

Hi ,
I need to buy an IDE (PATA) writer
Samsung sh-s202j or Pioneer 115BK

I need this drive only for read and write DVD+R & DVD-R

I searched the forum for hours and i think sammy 202j is a better reader than Pioneer 115BK , and Pioneer 115 is a better writer. Am i right ?

Also i have some other choices like Sony , Lite-on , Asus.

Based on what I have read on the forums about the Sammy 202x drives (plus my own Sammies are excellent readers), and the fact that I have a Pioneer 115D myself, I would agree with your conclusion :slight_smile:

It all depends what you’re looking for in a drive. Personally I would pick the Pioneer out of the two, but that’s just me and obviously I’ll advise you to see what others think :slight_smile:

I’d say get the Pioneer. But that’s what I usually say anyway. :slight_smile: