IDE Primary/Secondary Master/Slave help

My motherboard luckily has two IDE channels. I’ve got 3 IDE devices. One is a backup Hitachi HDD, where all of my ISO’s are stored. The other two are ODD’s, an LG GSA-H42L and a Lite-On LH-20A1H. Currently, I’ve got the Hitachi on the primary master channel running in UDMA 6 mode. The LG is on the secondary master running in UDMA 4 while the Lite-On is on the secondary slave running in UDMA 2.

Right now, I cannot use both ODD’s at the same time. If I try, both drives lock up and cease functioning. I’d like to be able to at least write a LightScribe label to one disc while ripping/burning another. I seem to get better burns and scans from my Lite-On, so I’m thinking of switching this to the secondary master channel. I’m also leaning toward throwing the LG onto the primary slave channel, because I’m essentially turning it into a LightScribe-only drive. This makes sense to me as the data for this functionality is stored on my OS/SATA HDD.

So, after all is said and done, ISO’s will be written/retrieved to/from the primary master and scanned/burned to/from the secondary master. My only concern is whether sending the LightScribe commands to the primary slave while ISO’s are either being written or retrieved will affect my burns/scans. How would you guys configure this mess?

I would put my hdd on a different IDE channel from your optical drives.

That’s how it’s setup right now, but the ODD’s lockup if they’re both in use. Abort requests aren’t even executed when they lock up.

All right. I went ahead and switched the Lite-On to the secondary master, and it’s running in UDMA 4 mode now. 18x scans. The Hitachi is still the primary master in UDMA 6 mode, and the LG is still running in UDMA 4 mode but as the primary slave.

Thus far, it’s an improvement. Now, both drives run in UDMA 4. I’m able to rip a DVD and print the LightScribe label at the same time. :slight_smile: The only problem is that the ripping goes at about half speed (~12x) when I’m writing a LightScribe label at the same time.

edit: I’m also able to use DVDShrink on the ISO’s on the Hitachi while labeling without any issues. :smiley:

will you be able to burn discs on the lite on if it is on the same channel as the hard drive? Is it correct that only one device can use the IDE channel at a time? In which case you will get poor quality burns, as the data will choke; the buffer underrun signals will not get through if the hard drive is being accessed.

Or is my understanding incorrect?

This is the right config. As long as the DVDs in the secondary channel and running in the same UDMA, it will not cause any problem, of-course the better/faster DVD drive should always connected as master.

All drives can run at the same time as long as they are setup properly and that you have a decent CPU and PSU.

Master/Slave, on the same IDE shannel, has absolutely nothing to do with performance, reliability, or anything else…its just a Windows method of assigning drive identification…

Yeah I even have Optical drives on same channel with HDD’s and no problems. My LG H42N is on the same channel as my OS HDD and no problems.

For example, my LG H42N and Lite-On 20A1H are set as slave.

Agree on that when it comes to nowdays mobos.
But some older VIA (Apollo) and nVidia mobos have problem operating with more then one optical drives on secondary channel. Some also prefer a DVD and a CD-RW drive, not two DVD burners. Swapping around drives from secondary to primary channel and vv cures this.
Don’t thinks it’s all hardware related, most probably related to crappy ide drivers.
An add-in PCI to IDE card can be used to ovecome mentioned problems. Make sure though your card is compatible with optical drives, linky.

Also agree on that it is possible to run a HDD and optical drive on same ide channel on motherboards with well figurated systems. Only thing that can be effected (this on older mobos/systems) is when burning from HDD to optical drive on same channel.

On modern mobos, placing secondary or primary doesn’t matter at all as you already said above. :wink:

If two DVD drives are to be connected on the same IDE channel, in most case it does matter to assign the right one as master in order to have the best performance. Some DVD burners do not work well when connected as slave. Master is much closer to the processor than the slave.

If you have two or more HDDs in your system, it’s better to connect them as master in separate IDE to have a better performance. Hence the optical drive(s) in the slave.

ok :confused: I have 4 HDD’s but only one is on IDE to mobo but it is slave and the OS is on it UDMA5 :wink: Everything is fine here.

Absolutely right :iagree:
It’s all related to power usage and access time for processing. HDD drags more power than optical but older optical can be the other way round. Faulty optical is even worse and can even cause the PC to freeze.

What??? I have two optical (DVD) drives connected to each IDE channel. Look at my #10 post. Those drives which are set as slave perform great.

If you have more HDDs then this is the correct setup as mentioned in post #13 above


I’m not talking about HDD. You said " If two DVD drives are to be connected on the same IDE channel, in most case it does matter to assign the right one as master in order to have the best performance. Some DVD burners do not work well when connected as slave.".

It doesn’t matter…so long as one of the two systems is followed for both drives. Either use CS for both drives and let cable connecting location decide which is which, or use master/slave for each drive and let the pin settings decide… as long as both drives use the same convention, it matters not which is master or slave. I’d really like to see some imperical evidence to the contrary.

I know you are trying to help people here but some of us have our systems set up the way we want and they work fine this way.
Don’t get an argument started please.

Thanks for the clarification. CS works most of the time but it’s not used by experts. However CS is the best option for dummy.

Of-course everyone can setup their system the way they want. We all here to help if we can. Advices can be 2 cents or dollars, no argument.