IDE, PIO, DMA, and banging my head against my desk

Hey everybody, first post but I’ve been lurking around here for awhile. I couldn’t find any info to help me out in the search, so here goes.

I have an '00 HP Pavillion 8770c with 256 MB memory running Win2K Pro. I am having problems getting Device 0 in my primary IDE chain to get out of PIO mode and into Ultra DMA mode (as my other devices are). Here’s my chain:

IDE 1 (Primary):
Device 0: Western Digital Caviar SE 120 GB WD1200JB C:/ & D:/
Device 1: Western Digital Caviar SE 120 GB WD1200JB E:/

IDE 2 (Secondary):
Device 0: NEC ND-3520-A 16x DVD Burner
Device 1: empty

My master on the primary IDE is partitioned into a C:/ and D:/ (C holds all the programs and D is used for storage of mp3s and videos). The slave E:/ is all live music and videos. Burning off a full CD in Nero Enterprise takes only about 8 minutes … when burning from the slave E:/. When burning from C:/ or D:/ it takes 26-30 minutes. At first I thought it was because the data and the program files were both on the same physical drive, but in doing research on the web I found it matters more where the DVD drive is in relation to the HDDs. Can anyone tell me if 1) it really is just a PIO/DMA thing (or do I need to reconfigure my drives) and 2) if it is, how to get it to be in DMA? Btw, I’ve tried changing settings in Control Panel > Device Manager as well as in BIOS and nothing works. Thanks in advance.

Hi Fiverz, welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

From what I can see, your drives are set up fine, I had my 2 HDDs on primary, and burner(s) on secondary.

Does indeed sound like a DMA problem…try following the directions in this thread to check/enable DMA, and let us know if it helps any. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Also, just as a general piece of advice - try updating your Nero version to 6.6.x.x :wink:

I just did a qiuck google on your PC and it says DMA ATA 33. First of all your Bios settings should be set to Auto for DMA. I am guessing that your Device 1 on the primary chain is in DMA? Win2k is a bit different than XP so I am not sure if deleting your Primary IDE channel and restarting your PC will help. Is your Bios up to date?

Thanks I’ll check out the link. I’d update the software if I thought it was a problem, and plan on it soon anyways, but I’d kinda like to get this solved first :slight_smile:

Yes, they are set to auto. I did try changing it to user and messing with the settings but no matter what I did it stays stuck in PIO. So as of now it’s back to auto. And yes my other HDD and my DVD drive are both DMA. BIOS is up to date as well.

EDIT: As a reply to Arachne, I should have posted that I already did what was in that thread. I can’t delete the channel because my OS is on that primary drive … I’m going to try setting to PIO, restarting, then setting to DMA and restarting. I’ll post back with my results.

I’ve tried everything in the thread other than uninstalling the IDE channel and nothing has worked. The only other thing I have yet to so is update the IDE drivers from my mobo’s manufacturer. Problem is that computer is not connected to the internet … haha.

Ahhhh the headaches!

I’ve deleted my primary IDE (and my own OS is on my primary drive too), and it’s caused no problems, Windows just re-detects it after I think two reboots…but it’s your call :slight_smile:

Yep me too and have had no issues. I know there has been the odd problem in the past but I think you are pretty safe. I swap hard drives from one controller to the next and it has always found and installed the drives. Like Arachne says it’s your call.:slight_smile:

I had that problem running a similar set up when I updated Win 2K with SP4. As I recall, all I did was keep resetting the drive to dma in device manager (?) and “finally” it stuck. I think sometimes you do have to reboot at certain conjunctions of Mars and the Moon.

Good luck. /// bobbo.

True I do that all the time with the slave on that channel and a couple other drives. So if I’m doing that and they are detected fine all the time, it SHOULD be ok to delete the primary channel?

Eh if something screws up I need a new box anyways :wink: Thanks everyone for your help.

Should be fine, as you can see, neither myself or crossg have had any problems.

As for the last bit…that’s the kind of logic I like :bigsmile:

Well deleting the primary channel … didn’t work.

I’m going to mess around tonight swapping drives and see what I can conjure up. It’s not that I really NEED the drive to be in DMA … I’m not even burning anything off of my primary at the moment. It’s more that there’s a problem and I am dead-set determined to solve it :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit.:wink:

Still no luck as of yet … gonna try messing with the chains and cables themselves today.

ide drivers, that amd chipset and W2k?

Two links that may help.

South Bridge System Chipset: VIA VT82C686A PCIset with PCI Super I/O integrated peripheral controller supports UltraDMA/66, which allows burst mode data transfer rates of up to 66.6MB/sec.

how are the hard drives jumpered?

definitely check cable, try a new ultracable and master slave jumpering

I haven’t tried a “new” cable … I swapped cables with other chain (which is working fine) and that had no effect. But I HAVE messed with all the jumper settings with no luck. TimC, I’ll check out those links tonight.