IDE PCI Controller Card Suggestions

I have a 4 CD/DVD Burner box. I want to put each CD/DVD on a separate channel so I’m looking at IDE cards.

Any cost effective card suggestions?

Any one familiar with the Silicon Image SILO680 Chip Set?

I found some people in 2003 reviews that were not happy with it’s Raid functionality. But I’m Not Using Raid and dont plan to use these cards with a Raid.

What about the VIA 6410 Chipset?

Mike Mattera

Look here, it works great for me:

Yep, that is a nice card. Running two of them here also.

Well it does have the Silicon Image SIL 0680 chip set. But the 1 guy that reviewed it didn’t seem very happy with that card. Cant always go by that. It depends what he wanted to do with it.

I want 2 of the same cards so I can use 1 channel for each DVD drive. I have 1 ATA/100 card now with 2 channels and I’m running Master/Slave combination. Not getting the performance or reliability in burning with Alcohol 120 on that setup. I can only burn 2 drives at once reliably.

Most of the cards have Raid of SATA and I dont need any of that. I read several reviews that cards with SIL0680 chipset worked good for standard IDE drive add on.

Thanks for the input guys.

Mike Mattera