Ide or aspi drivers?

Hi all !
Odd problem here !
I have a dual boot system …Win2k and Win98se.
I recently burned some software on to a CDR-RW with Nero while on Win2k.
When running Win2k, when I load same CDR-RW, my cd-rom can’t read the CDR-RW. It just freezes the system.
But if I boot to Win98se and run the same CDR-RW, the cd-rom reads the disk fine !!
All my other disks work fine. But I’ve had this problem once before !
Does anybody think it might be related to my IDE or ASPI drivers ?
I’m wondering if I should try the “force aspi” driver ?
Everything works fine and burning works fine. Just this prob that flares up now and again !
BTW, my burner is an A-Open 1632 !
Thanks and regards,
bam :confused:

nero has his own aspi.

do you have updated win2k with the latest service pack??
it doesn’t harm to install new ide drivers.

Yep !
I have the latest Service Pack for Win2k (SP3 I think).But I’m thinking IDE drivers though !

if you have a motherboard with a via chipset install the latest 4 in 1 drivers

Thanks !
I’m on my way to the A-Open website now !!

bill :)

Good call !
I just downloaded the latest 4-1 Via chipset drivers. My problem is gone !!
Many thanks to you !!:bow:

kindest regards,
bam :bow: :bow:

good to hear

you’r welcome