IDE-Optibay issue

Hello everyone!

Laptop: Asus A7U
I replaced IDE-CD-ROM with optibay. When BIOS boots I receive ‘Auto-detecting pri master’ for 3-4 minutes.

When bootloader starts to boot I receive some errors like ‘system tried to read out of hd0’ and system doesn’t boot. Even if I’m booting from my SATA-drive.

I’ve inserted the optibay into Acer laptop and it works fine.

I’ve already tried jumpers, this didn’t help. No new BIOS firmware for my laptop is available since 2008.

The only option I didn’t try yet is pin commissure:
I cann’t find any description of what this does or what can lead to. If anyone describes, I’ll try.

Please help with your suggestions or refer to person who met such issue.