IDE master/slave set for jumperless slim drive



trying to connect DVDRW (LG GWA-4082N, new, oem) to a machine that
accepts one drive per IDE channel - each must be master or cs jumpered.

machine is HP ‘e-PC’ which previously had a mobile cdrom unit connected
as secondary master. upon connecting the new dvdrw, BIOS failed to
recognise it but winXP sees and uses it normally >second channel first device

  • but in ‘multiword2’ mode, as it must “bridge” the device from slave to master
    being a “boot-freak”, i can’t think of an unbootable drive, so…
    Q : does anyone know how to switch these jumperless drives to make them sit
    where they belong ?!

much obliged, regards from budapest, - hazelem
**oh yes, i wouldn’t be asking if LG had _ any_ info on this drive on their web


No firmware - no way.

Only chance you could try were to shorten some pns, 45 and 47, IIRC.

But please use SEARCH before!!!


How to convert from CSEL to Master


dankend an chef & toshibaer))

chef, i also don’t think its firmware - in the sense firmware being
responsible for functioning and not for connectivity of a device.
freely, i would dub this ‘plugware’ - wish it existed !
(…frightened by your “shortening” of pins, i remark :
to shorten = zu kuerzen, abknipsen ; to short = kurzzuschliessen…)

toshibaer, i tried to short pins 47,45,43 but to no avail - detection/
operation exactly the same as before.

this loveable little PC (10x25x28cm) has a dual-channel IDE controller
and only 2 devices attached (HDD, CDROM) - one to each channel

  • with no provision for extension.
    HP says that in all their business pc’s the IDE devices are connected
    via cable-select cables (-first time i hear of) and are to be
    the original mitsumi cdrom was physically connected to a standard
    slim-type IDE coupling via an adapter mini-PCB, which i retained
    from the substituted mitsumi - plugging it in to the new GWA-4082N.
    the 50-pin IDE slim-type connector on second controller channel also
    leads power, which discouraged me from just turning it around.

key to problem can be in the ‘adapter-pcb’ or/and in the dvd-drive.
adapter-pcb: at least one retailer offers a “slim dvd-drive IDE
adapter” >
dvd-drive: someone pointed to a forum contributing an “IDE location
changer for slim-type drives”, (- link inoperative) - i’ll check again.

waiting for LG-support (…i’m still entitled, i didn’t open the drive -
i shorted the pins on the adapter-pcb) / LG-help, i’ll report here,

hazel emmerich, budapest


Please check the link TOSHIBAer posted first. :wink:


LG_UK help desk said technical department will contact me…still waiting))

as to your referral to toshibaer’s first link:
i had followed through, connecting pins 47&45 on the first day of “my trials,
lord”. The author of said page retracts, mentioning that not all drives
comply with the solution suggested in the text.

found missing link pointing to “IDE location changer for slimtype drives”:
(this pertains to LiteOn only, but/and therefore suggests general validity.)

In respect to the cable-select arrangement,
David Risley at pcmechanic//ide interface says : “…
Other setups have the middle connector attached to the motherboard, with the cable ends attached to the drive: a sort of Y arrangement. This is done in many systems, but must be handled with care because the master/slave relationship is then determined by position on the cable. On the Y setup, a special signal called the CSEL, carried on pin 28, defines primary or secondary. If the CSEL circuit is closed, the drive is primary. If it is open, the drive is secondary. This is usually done with a small hole pricked through wire 28 on the cable. Whichever drive is connected to that section of cable is then drive D:. Get it?..”
(this applies to the ‘standard’-ATA 40-pin connector/ribbon cable = ‘IDC40’,
whereas on my rig the cable/connector is of notebook type = ‘IDC44’, actually
having 50 leads/pins - of which (i guess) 6 are not used; Hewlett-Packard
also mentions a 44-lead cable connector.)

any more ideas, anyone ? -
shall report upon changes