IDE Location Changer ruined my Sony QW-58A!

Hey folks. This is my 1st post, so be gentle. Newbie has fried his burner. Gotta Dell Inspiron B130, WinXP Svc Pk 2, Sony QW-58A. Upped the Sony drive firmware from UDS1 to UYS3. Got the same results referenced on this post by Lomanx (reply #20 on 6-7-06).

Knew nothing about hardware, so i thought I would try the IDE Location Changer idea. Bad move.

Before Windows could begin loading I got an error “The device in the modular bay is unrecognized” Then I had 3 choices, none of which got me any further than having to power down my computer and try a differnt choice. Pressing esc with the drive in led to a “No bootable devices detected.” When I ran out of options, I pulled the drive from the bay and rebooted. The white screen returns but esc out leads me into windows. I am certain I need to switch the IDE locs back, but I cant not because there is no CD drive in device mgr, and I cant install one.
Very little hardware knowledge, but if u got a fix, bring it on!!!