IDE in General



Did someone no anything about Samsung CD-RW SW 206, or what´s the best of IDE Writers.


I received a mail from Plextor a few weeks ago. They said they were going to release an IDE-burner very soon.
Of course, this would be the best IDE-writer available. Plextor has a very good reputation on SCSI-machines, so their IDE-devices must be good too.
Some info: their first IDE-burner will be a 8X writer, 4X rewriter and a 32X reader.

Short: When buying the Plextor IDE 8/4/32, you’ll get the (scsi)quality of Plextor and the price of IDE (cheap).

Unfortunately, this burner isn’t for sale yet (or maybe they haven’t changed their products-info-site).


I heard you need a p200 mmx for decent 4x burning so what do you need for a 8x burner ?


a fast harddisk and a good reader!


Yep, I agree with Kj1.
The CPU isn’t really important (I burned audio @4X on an IBM 486 with Pentium Overdrive).

The speed of the sourcedrive is VERY important.
To have a very stable system for 8X writing , I advice you to buy a SCSI-adapter with harddisk and CDROM.
You can buy a cheaper 8X IDE writer, but for the sourcedrives, it’s better to get SCSI.

I hope this was clear enough.