IDE Help

Hi all,
Right a bit of advice is needed please…
I have just bought a new 52x lite-on cd-rom drive and a 52x lite-on cdrw drive.
I have 2x60 Gig Seagate Baracuda 4’s 7200rpm hard drives… now Can someone please tell me what the best set up is for this lot??
Should i have the 2 HD’s on the same IDE port or 1 HD 1 Cd-rom on one or what?
many thanks

this is only a suggestion but i would put:

ide 1: hdd master, cdrom slave
ide 2: cd-rw master, hdd slave

Depending on your system, and the tasks you wish to accomplish, either config may work best. You have to try it and see. Start with both HD’s on one channel, CD’s on the other, and go from there. Be sure they all have DMA enabled.

I have a P4 2Ghz 768Meg DDR 2100

with new computers it doen’t matter so much any more how you connect your drives.
all configurations will work.

i have my two HD’s on the primary IDE channel and DVD player an writer on the secundary channel. works fine for me.
there is a small change that you get problems with on the fly copying if your drives are on the same IDE channel. but that is not very common anymore.

I recommend you to get a RAID card and stripe or mirror both the drives.

It will be damn fast ! :slight_smile:

and dangerous
the change is quite big that IDE drives crash if you set them in a raid cofiguration.
or you have to set them in mirror, but in my opinion thats a waste of space and not realy necessary for desktop computers.