IDE hard drive not matching enclosure

Just got a IDE external hard drive enlosure to enclose my old IDE
laptop hard drive and attach to my desk top. Although interface
connectors look like they should match, they just wont slide together!

Go out to Google Images and search for “IDE CONNECTOR” and see if you can locate pictures of what the two different connectors look like.

The 5.25/3.5" drive IDE connectors will have a ‘key’, by the way, - usually a plastic ‘slot’ that means a connector has a “top” and “bottom”.

The other different type of connector is for notebook drives - 2.5" IDE drives, and these are smaller and have the Power Connector plug (4 pins) stacked on one edge in that narrower IDE cable.

If you can post pictures of your IDE connectors, maybe we can give a more specific answer. (In the toolbar of the REPLY message-box, there’s a yellow tool with Mountains & Moon in it - that’s the “insert pix” hyperlink tool.)

2.5" and 3.5" drives just doesnt fit toegther easily. IDE and mini IDE too.

More than likely there is an adapter on your laptop hard drive remove it then it will work. What is the make and model of the laptop the drive came out of?

as previously stated Laptop IDE drives more often than not have an "adapter"
of some sort to protect the delicate 44-pin connection for data and power.

You must remove it.

SOME SATA hard drives also use an adapter, typically HP/Compaq do this.
Dell typically doesn’t

Even if there is no “adapter” pin alignment is pretty unforgiving.

Thanks for all your help. It was a Dell laptop hard drive, and when the Adapter
was pulled off it fit great.
Thanks again

:slight_smile: Your welcome, come back anytime