IDE Hard Drive enclosures

I would like to get a bunch of hard drives out of my computer, but be able to still pull info off or write to any of them if needed. I am thinking of getting one of those enclosures that fit into a 5.25 drive slot and have the hard drives on trays that slip in and lock into place. That way you could take one out and slip in another tray with HD in it. That would reduce the cables in my computer and wouldn’t be as much of a power drain either.

What do you think?? Anyone using this method and does it work well?

Thanks, G IvanAwfulitch and Bea Ann

I’m thinking of doing the same. Here’s a link for a UK (I think) company which sells the mounts and the actual caddies for the hard drives:


I used it for a while. The thing to remember is that the cooling for those things isn’t too great. I would not put a 7200 RPM drive into one of those enclosures unless it had a lot of fans. I have a Lian Li enclosure with 3 fans and still I worried about the temperature of that 7200 drive I used to store in it.

oh - and a word of warning - many enclosures are SHORTER than the drive rack bit that you would put in, so the rack will protrude from the box (that’s my experience)

I use removable hard drives, have been for years now, I do alot of testing and the last thing I want to do is lose anything important, so all my test stuff stays on one Hard drive, all games on another, all editing on another, I’ve never had a problem with heat, of course my racks have ther own fans and temp indicators, and they’ve never been over 85 degrees Farenheit. 6 removable drives in all so far. They are ata 133 7200 rpm drives also. these are the ones I use:

Wow, Kamikazee. Great link - I may have to check into that more someday. I even forgot all about removeable hard drives. :slight_smile: