IDE expansion card to NEC drives


I recently purchased a card from my local computer fair. It says on the box “upgrade your computer with 2 ultra ATA 100/133 ports” and it also says it supports atapi amongst other things. The guy who sold it to me assured me i could hook up dvd drives to it.

My problem is that i have installed it and the drivers but windows does not recognise the nec dvd drives. I have configured one as master and one as slave correctly.

It came with software to display attached devices and it displays none. I am assuming that the hardware is not faulty so what else could it be? Somebody mentioned to me that it could be a firmware issue. Any ideas?

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All my reading says that the expansion cards are for hard drives only - not optical drives-

Others here have tried and failed in this configuration and I have not seen even one success story-

IMHO - keep your optical drives on either your Primary or Secondary IDE channels-


I tried it with both an ATA-100 card and an ATA-133 card (Both Maxtors ) and both times i tried i got wild buffer fluctuations so i put the hard drives on the cards and each of my burners as master on an IDE channel. This worked fine.

Tom :slight_smile:

I have a dvd burner on an ide pci card but admit its not my main dvd burner i only use it now and again for reading esting (it was originally just stuck there out of the way because i have 2 hdd and a cd and dvd burner on other one)
I cant really say how good it works because it was crap before i put it there (sony dru500ax)
But it seems as it was before able to read but no use writing
I would never think of putting my main drive on it though