IDE DVDRW1808 Damaged After Flashing



Hello, I was trying to burn movies to Maxell DVD-RWs in my IDE DVDRW1808 using Nero but it wouldn’t recognise the disk, in the end I thought fuck it and I cross flashed my drive to the BenQ DW1650 BCDC, but still no luck, so I tried re-crossflashing it from the W1650 to the BenQ DW 1640 BSPB. It said the flash was successful but then the drivers green light turned off and the disk tray wouldn’t open, so I restarted my computer and the drive isn’t in the BIOS, I tried searching for installed hardware but it’s not recognising my drive.

I was just wondering if this means my drive is broken or otherwise I am seeking help on a way to fix it.



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Never heard of a DVDRW1808. Is that a Philips? What made you think it was a BenQ?

Yes i’d say your drive is dead from flashing to all those different BenQ drives :frowning:


It’s a Philips but I cross flashed to a BenQ, from a newer version to an older version which might have been the problem that screwed up my drive. I just need to know if a dead drive is actually repairable or not, otherwise, looks like I am saving. =]


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I’m not familiar with the DVDRW1808 drive, but it cannot be compatible with both BenQ DW1640 and BenQ DW1650 firmware, since those two drives have different hardware and use incompatible firmware.

So at least once you have flashed incompatible firmware to your drive.

Try reading this thread in our BenQ forum and see if it helps:


Thanks Drage, anyone know if it’s repairable?


I’d try what Drage posted. If you cannot get it to work again…if in the USA here’s a new 1640 for cheap > but order fast. They won’t last long :\