IDE Dvd-Rom 16x



I have one of these installed on my PC but I havent got a clue what make it is or anything. Just lately I have been having problems with some DVD disks, some it will spin and some not and this can happen even when they are the same make. I wondered if there is a firmware for these like there is for the re-writers. All that is listed under the drive is what I have written in the title box. If anyone has any ideas please let me know Thanks


How old is the drive


I think it’s possible an Artec, my cd writer is one and I have just found installation instructions for an Artec DVD Rom, on checking through Nero it’s showing a read speed of 48 firmware 5.50 and buffer 512


From what you put originally sounds like their is something wrong with the internals of the dvd-rom maybe the gearing is loose. I personnely wouldn’t fiddle with it. If you have the money or the computer/dvd-rom drive is in warranty then have it looked at by the company you brought the computer off of and the sameforthe dvd rom.


Providing a DiscInfo report (File>Save) can help with identifying the drive. Post that and then we could determine for sure if it’s an Artec or not.

If it is an Artec, you should be able to back up the firmware with MtkFlash (since I don’t know of any publicly available copies of 5.50 in case you want to revert). The latest version for this particular Artec model (if it is Artec) is 5.70. Artec’s official flasher is MtkFlash, believe it or not. That’s how pathetic Artec is. Artec drives are pretty bad, so it’s likely that it’s just a defective drive. If it worked at one point and then stops working, then it’s not firmware-solvable.


Ok thanks for that I’ll leave it as it is in case I make it worse. It does read most of them it’s just an odd few that it won’t spin. I’ll just have to put them in the DVDRW and manage like that Thank you


well, I have kinda the same problem…I have IDE DVD-ROM 16x and it can’t read blank dvd+r’s…he can read games, dvd’s and cd’s…but I can’t burn anything with it…

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Sorry if this is a little dumb question, but how can you read a blank disc? A blank disc have nothing, so there is nothing to read on it.

Moreover, with a DVD Reader is not possible to write anything, so exactly what is your problem? :doh:


Hell yeah, reading blanks is really a FUTILE attempt. :wink: