Ide DVD burners

Hi! I own a Dell Dimension 4550 desktop computer. I have been looking for an external DVD burner to use with it. From what I have learned on the Internet, I need one that works with Ide, not SATA. Can anyone recommend a GOOD ide external dvd burner. All the ones that sound good are SATA or internal. I would appreciate anyones help on this.

Most external dvd burners are connected to the computer through USB cables, not an external IDE connection.

Here are a couple of examples at

Thanks for getting back to me. I forgot to mention that I have Windows XP, those two seem to be for Windows Vista.
I know I will connect with USB, but I red that my computer is probably old enough that it does not have a SATA port, whatever that is, and is probably ide. I really do not understand it all. My computer is from back around 2003.

You are looking for [B]external[/B] burner, in that case you will get USB type connection. Do not worry about IDE or SATA, those are for internal burners.
IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) is older type connection, all new machines have SATA (Serial ATA). You can purchase SATA card for PCI slot if you need to connect internal burner with SATA interface.
Those two are USB drives, they will work with either operating system.
USB (Universal Serial Bus) is independent of operating system.

The current ATA/ATAPI standard is the result of a long history of incremental technical development. ATA/ATAPI is an evolution of the AT Attachment Interface, which was itself evolved in several stages from Western Digital’s original Integrated Drive Electronics interface. As a result, many near-synonyms for ATA/ATAPI and its previous incarnations exist, including abbreviations such as IDE which are still in common informal use. With the market introduction of Serial ATA in 2003, the original ATA was retroactively renamed Parallel ATA (PATA).

Thanks. I guess I will have a better supply of external DVD burners to choose from than I thought, as long as it just needs to be plugged into the USB port. Seems like I start reading about them on the Internet and get more confused than ever. Thanks again.