(IDE driver problems)

For some stupid reasons I removed my standard Dual PCI IDE controller from Device Manager in windows 98 SE, and after reinstalling it the IDE port is simply not working! Luckily I have a SATA hard drive so I’m still able to boot up and use internet and all, except that my Benq DW1620 is on the casualty list so I can’t backup anything!

Here’s what it says in device manager as a rough translation:

"Primary IDE controller (single fifo): This device is not listed, cannot function properly or some of the required drivers are missing. (code 10)

Please update the driver of this device."

The same goes for Secondary IDE controller, which is where the DW1620 is located. Tried reinstalling the microsoft IDE driver a bunch of times already, didn’t solve the problem. Funny thing is, when I boot to the safe mode, I can see the benq drive in device manager, which means it must be some sort of software conflict.

Here’s my spec:
CPU: Athlon XP 2500+ (no oc…yet)
Hard Drive: WD Cavier SE 80G SATA
RAM: Kingston PC3200
Motherboard: ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe (nforce2 chipset) <- I can’t find any nVidia IDE drivers for this.
Optical Drive: Benq DW1620 with B7U9 (Secondary Master)
Power: Enermax 350W

Any idea? I’d reinstall already if it wasn’t for the fact that I have some huge files on the hard drive…:frowning: So reinstalling is out of question.

BTW, when it was functioning properly, it WAS using the microsoft driver.

Ahh, nevermind. Googled it and found the answer. It’s the infamous “NOIDE” entry in the registry. Just delete it and it all works perfectly again! :slight_smile: