IDE Drive placement

I have
DVD-ROM (Aopen 1648 aap pro)
DVD-RW (NEC 3500)
H.D. (WD 120gig, Windows, 8mb)
H.D. (Hitachi, 250gig, 8mb)

Obviously I have a Primary and secondary cable each with Master and Slave.

What would be the best way to set them up?

If I put both DVD roms on the same ide, I can’t do “on the fly”
If I split them up what should be master and slave on what ide?

Master (H.D. (WD 120gig, Windows, 8mb)
Slave ()

Master ()
Slave ()

Should I put the dvd rom on the master for ripping or the Burner for burning. MY GUESS would be since they are only 16x it won’t matter because the data stream won’t max the cable on either Master or Slave

Thanks For your time

Generally, it is recommended to have your reader and burner on the same IDE cable. I have the drive I use as my reader set as “master” and the burner as “slave.” I don’t think losing ‘on the fly’ is a bad thing, as I think it’s better to burn an image to your HD, then use your burner to burn it, as this should at least be slightly faster to do. One thing to consider is the UDMA settings on your drives in question, as while my Plextor 716a is normally UDMA4, having the BenQ1640 ‘lowers’ the Plextor to UDMA2 (only about 22-24 mb/sec). Since ~22 mb/sec is the minimum rate for 16x burning, there’s no problem. Also, I have seen some posters steer people away from putting a burner or reader on the same cable as an HD, so that is why I recommend having the reader and burner on the same IDE cable.

You might think about getting your hard drives on a controller card, then
every thing will be much happier on it’s own cable. They are relatively inexpensive.

How many outputs does a controler cable have? PCI interface I am guessing?

2 ide/pata and non raid would be best

or better


Both are the same card-

Did you intend to post a second (better) card?


  1. Primary Master (Boot + OS) 250GB HD (or 7200RPM HD)
  2. Primary Slave (Swap Files + Iso files for burning) 120GB HD.
  3. Secondary Master - Burner.
  4. Secondary Slave - Misc optical drives.

Don’t mix & match optical drives with HD’s on the same channel.
DVDR Drives = UDMA2. (33MB/s)
HD’s = UDMA5/6. (100 / 133MB/s).

My own config:

Pri. master = Maxtor 20 gig 7200RPM HDD (Boot & OS)
Pri. slave = Seagate 80 gig 7200RPM HDD (storage)
Sec. master = LiteOn burner
Sec. slave = LG burner

Works well for me, but then I don’t burn on the fly (I’ve no real need to).


sometimes it’s nice to take ripped files from one hard drive and transcode them(not compression) to another hard drive on a seperate cable


Best to put your hard drives on first channel - and your ODD’s on the secondary channel with the burner as ‘Master’ and the reader/ripper as ‘Slave’

‘On the fly’ recording is one of the least quality burns you can get IMO-


just to do a test, I took a 99QS @ 8x mcc 004 and did a 16x COF on same media.
QS of 92. reader was a nec 3520, both burns in LG 4163B.

problem is usually a low quality souurce disk, I usually COF @ 4x!

And don’t make the mistake of putting your optical drives on the controller card. Almost all the good ones don’t work well with DVD, especially Promise.

I posted it last month

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