IDE device DMA problem

I just got a new computer and little by little i made everything work except for the DVD-RW device. In my MoBo (MSI P965 Platinum) i only have 1 IDE ATA connector, and when i plug any ATA device, like DVD-RW, CD-RW, HDD, it works only in PIO mode instead of DMA mode X, which is perfectly supported by both my MoBo and DVD-RW (Pioneer), so, when i’m doing something that involves reading or writing CD or DVD, the operative system turns very unstable until the DVD-RW finishes what it’s doing.

Note: When i just install windows (tried several versions) and run it for the first time i see the device is working in DMA mode 4, then i restart and everything is f***** up again.

Please help me 'cause i can’t record anything and hardly read.

Thanks a lot

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you loaded all the motherboard chipset drivers?

You have the drive set as MASTER or SLAVE, not Cable Select, right?

You are using a 40 pin 80 conductor cable?

Are you using intel or nvidia IDE drivers? Try to uninstall and use standard microsoft IDE drivers

Also make sure that the BIOS sees the optical drive. Set the BIOS to AUTO detect. Save and reboot PC.

BeardedKirklander: All drivers are loaded, drive set as master and 80 pin cable.

geno888: Where can i get those? because i think that with an ilegal copy of windows you can’t download anything from microsoft’s site.

furballi: My bios can’t configure PATA devices, only what’s plugged in SATA connectors, i mean, it will recognize them but you can’t see it in CMOS panel nor manage settings like LBA, DMA, etc.

If you delete the IDE device and then reboot, you will get the MS drivers by default.
There is an entire FAQ on this problem here:

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Indeed :cop: .

This is suddenly now not surprising, considering what may have been done to the OS. You’ll have to seek further help elsewhere, I’m afraid.