I am in the process of doing a task I meant to complete 18 months ago, which is to connect my new but outdated Plextor 320 CD drive to a SATA computer. To do this I purchased a PATA to SATA dongle kit. I have connected it up but cannot see a place to connect to the power using the split power cable that connects to the adaptor – pictured here:
The power cable which is plugged into the Plextor and the smaller female end into the adapter is pictured here:

Now I need to connect this power cable to a power supply in the computer. It looks to me like the Dell’s P7 DC Power Connector provides the appropriate place … a red, 2 black and a 12v yellow, except that this is a much smaller connector in my Dell Dimension 520 than is the other end of the power splitter provided with my PATA to SATA dongle kit.

Can someone advise me whether there is an adaptor that would enable me to connect to the P7 cable and is this the appropriate way forward


DC Power Connector P7

Pin Number Signal Name 18-AWG Wire
1 +5 VDC Red
2 COM Black
3 COM Black
4 +12 A VDC Yellow

These are standard molex connectors. If their are no free molex connectors, then use that adapter and unplug a molex connector from either a HDD or ODD.

The P10 power connector (the last in the line and currently covered by a plastic cover) is spare and plugs directly into the Plextor. The P7 will plug directly into the adaptor/dongle. While the 12 VDC cable on the P7 is yellow it is white on the P10 but I guess it must also be 12 VDC. I guess this makes the supplied “yellow, black, black, red” cable redundent - or have I missed something?
Pin Number: Signal Name; 18-AWG Wire
1; +12 VA DC; Yellow
2; COM; Black
3; COM; Black
4; +5V DC; Red