IDE Controllers (The definitive Thread )



Does anyone know the difference between the Silicon Image 3114 and the 3512? I know one has 4 ports and the other has 2, but I wonder about the 35 versus the 31.

I’ve seen the PCI to SATA boards using the SiI3114 suggested for use with SATA optical drives so I will probably get one of those. But the 3512 boards are a bit cheaper and I only need 2 ports, so if they are just as good or better, maybe that would be the better choice.


I am just looking for what kind of IDE card I should get, I want to run 1 drive to each channel and I have 4 DVD burners, what do you all suggest I get?


Hello, I have ST lab PCI ATA 133 ide card (A-160), raid suport (optional) with IT8212 chip and my question is can I flash it to be ATAPI instead of raid capable


Thank you to everyone that has contributed here. :bow:

I have been battling for weeks now how to enable DMA on the drives connected to my IDE controller (Sil680 by Sunix). Nothing worked and I was about to throw in the towel.

Now, I have flashed the BIOS to non-raid (removing the jumper pin did not automatically work), installed the latest driver and viola! I have yet to try to burn a DVD, but surely it can’t get any worse than the 20 Verbatim coasters I have already made while testing and trying fixes so far. If it’s still not successful… there is always more forums!



Maybe it’s time to buy a re-writable disc. :slight_smile:

RAID is a perpetual thorn in my side. I run into it everywhere, and I have no use for it.

I trust you are using an ATA 100/133 80 conductor cable.


Need an advice, I´m looking for a PCI S-ATA-controller or a S-ATA/IDE-Combo-card that works well with optical devices.

Silicon Image SATA Link Sil3114CT176:

JMicron JMB363:


Via VT6421A:

Any thoughts/experiences/tipps?


I recommend the SiI 3114. I got one because it was recommended here in CDF. I have a Liteon 16a7 hooked to it and it works fine. The one I have gives you a choice of four internal ports or two internal and two external ports.

The installation instructions were a bit confusing and I was afraid I would be stuck with RAID only. But in the end, I found it would work with non-RAID.

I found I can boot and run DOS utility and diagnostic programs from it, and I can boot and run a live Linux and BartPE. I can’t install XP from it but I guess I could if I was willing to install a floppy drive and stick the included floppy into that.


Thanks, I will order one


he’s right


Anyone know of a U.S. source for a IT8211-based PCI card?



You seem to have a pretty good feel of what’s going on with IDE controllers. I’d like to ask your opinion on some things.

First of all, my system specs: MSI K9N Diamond, AMD Athlon 64 3800+ (AM2), 1024 MB Corsair DDR2-800 memory, 1 Western Digital 120 GB 7200 rpm hard drive on mobo IDE channel, NEC 3500 DVD burner, Windows XP Pro SP1.

I started out with a Promise Ultra133 TX2 (non-SATA), with the NEC DVD burner on the Promise channel one–the ONLY device on the Promise. It would boot with the XP disc, start Setup, but when all the Setup files were loaded and it should go to the Setup screen, I would get the BSOD screen with “STOP: 0x00000034” and the other 4 hex parameters. Same thing would happen with a BART-PE startup CD. I could boot OK from a Knoppix “Live” CD, or an Acronis True Image 7.0 “working” CD, and they would work normally. Obviously, no problem with the NEC as secondary behind the WD on the mobo’s one and only IDE channel (that’s why I need an IDE controller card!)

I read this thread, and looked for a card with the Silicon Image 680 chipset, and found the SIIG SC PE4B12. Installed it (of course, removed the Promise!), and it won’t boot from ANYTHING! It doesn’t show any devices detected, even though the NEC is connected as the only device on channel 1. When I try to boot from the XP disc, it displays “CDBOOT: Couldn’t find NTDLR”. Tried booting with a Windows 98 disc–don’t even get any message! Tried the Acronis CD, and it says “Boot failed. press any key”. Tried with Knoppix, I get nothing, then it reboots (it will keep that up until I remove the Knoppix CD).

The drivers supplied with the SIIG are OLD–dated 3/15/02; and, they are version 1,0,0,0. The card BIOS version is 3.0.93 (displayed at startup time).

The NEC drive is connected to the end connector on a 2-connector ribbon cable (tried 2 different ones AND a round cable–same result). I’ve tried both with and without a jumper on the drive for “Master”–still same result.

I’m kind of resolved to being unable to boot from an optical drive on ANY PCI controller, but I would like to have one because I have an IOMEGA Zip drive I’d like to connect. I also have another hard disc I’d like to use, but I guess I could connect it to the PCI card.

Since I had limited success with the Promise card, should I go back to it? Or should I try to find drivers and the 3.2.13 BIOS for the SIIG card?

Many thanks for your (and anyone else’s) suggestions.



Hi, my motherboard is DFI LANPARTY ULTRA-D nforce4 ultra and my dvd-rw is benq 1650 and it is working UDMA2 mode how to enable UDMA4 mode




No way, as the Benq only supports UDMA2.

(I know, I’m answering to a 2 weeks old question;))


Just discovered that WD EIDE Drives need other than standard jumpersettings if connected to controller cards. Worked for me on the Silicon 0680. See:

Hope this will help some of you.



I was just doing some refresher research on using Master/Slave and Cable Select an I found a well explained article on a website so I thought I post it here as I think a lot of people would find this a good read


I already have an SI based card in my system.
I need another controler to install more drives.
What do I need to consider when I do this?


You can’t put another Silicon Image card (or activate a SI chip on your MB) on that system, unless you find somehow a way to disable the boot rom on one of those SI cards. Then it might work. I have not found a way to disable the rom.

Another option is to use Acard chipset based cards, but I’ve found them to be less reliable than SI cards.


I´m not sure whether it belong to here, but anyone have this MoBo?

It uses a ITE-IDE-Controller, because Intels ICH8 don´t support IDE. And most i965-Boards have Jmicron-chip which seems to be problematic with optical devices


My SI card is RAID capable but I don’t use it for RAID.
I don’t suppose that would allow me to use two SI cards in a non-RAID rig.

Could I add a SATA controler card if I already have SATA on my motherboard?



How are USB2.0 enclosures with the NEC chipset?
It says it supports 16x burning.
It supports NEC AD-7170A, Plextor 716A, 740A, LG Electronics GSA-H10AB and BENQ DW1655.
Supports Most Major Brand DVD-/+RW’s such as Benq DW1655, DW1640, NQ60, Lite-On 1673S, Lite-On 1693S,LG GSA-H22NB, GSA-4163B, LG GSA-4165B, LG GSA-4163BB, LG GSA-4167B, LG Electronics GSA-H10AB, NEC AD-7170A, ND-3520, NEC ND-3540, Pioneer DVR-111D, DVR-109, Pioneer DVR-110, Plextor 716A, Plextor PX-740A, Sony AW-Q170A, DW-D26A, Sony DWQ 28A, Sony DWQ 30A, DVD +/- RW Burners