Ide controller?

i am using the nforce mcp2 ide controller and have also tried the microsoft dual channel ide controller

i’m having some weird problems where after i’m done ripping,encoding, and burning the dvds, i take out the finished product and place a new dvd into my dvr-107, windows does not detect the new media! It still displays the old media, but dvd decryptor and dvdinfo show the correct one. DVD shrink shows the name of the old dvd and wont rip it and in my computer it still displays the old dvd! i have to restart to get it working again.

using firmware 1.10 hacked

i thought it might be a problem with my dvd burner but ti has also happened with my lite-on cd burner which is on a different cable.

thanks for the help!

This is standard Windows behaviour, especially if AIN is turned off. Open explorer and hit F5, that should refresh everything. I’ve seen the old disc name stay up on a drive for 24 hours and 2 reboots, thanks Uncle Bill. If Shrink is confused, try playing the movie for a second or 2 in PowerDVD.