IDE Controller question

Is it ok to run two different IDE cntroller cards in the same system,will it cause conflicts,
I have a dvdrom connected to a control card which works ok problem is that if I connect a H/drive to it it just wont boot,
I have an old promis ultra 100tx2 ide card and could put the h/drive on this but would it be ok

I believe the Promise actually looks more like a SCSI card to the system, and you can normally pair it with onboard IDE (and probably any other IDE or SCSI-style controller card) without too many problems.

In Win9x, there are some pretty stringent restrictions on IRQ sharing, but in Win2000/XP, I believe it is possible to operate mass storage controllers with a shared IRQ, though the Promise may be one it’s best avoided with - the only real way to shuffle IRQ sharing on PCI, is to shuffle slots (assuming it’s in PIC mode) - where the motherboard and OS support APIC mode, there is no PCI IRQ sharing anyway, as they have their own IRQ numbers above the ISA-compatible 15

Sure, it’s no problem at all. I have used it on some friends computers.