IDE controller problem

This is a bit long, so I apologize in advance. I could really use the help though.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’ve been having major problems with my computer…freezing up, hangs, even a bsod. These problems occured anytime I was trying to watch a video off youtube, play a cd, and even when the computer was sitting there idle. Anyways, I’m still having problems. It appears that when I have my dvd drives, a Pioneer 116DBK and Lite-On iHAP422 connected to my computer, I experience the problems mentioned. I’ve disconnected both of them and didn’t seem to have any problems. When I connected each one individually to isolate a bad drive, I started getting problems again. I’ve replaced the ide cable to rule that out too. This pretty much leaves me with a possible bad motherboard, or, at least one of it’s components.

I was getting system errors in the event viewer for atapi with an event ID 9. The “details” would say, “The device. \Device\Ide\IdePort0, did not respond within the timeout period.” The thing that bugs me is the only things connected to the motherboard via ide are the dvd drives. My hard drive is connected via sata. So, outside of playing a cd or dvd, why would I experience these problems when surfing the internet, or even when the computer has been sitting there idle for hours, then just freeze up. Both the ide and sata connections are integrated into the motherboard…it’s a Dimension 8400 btw. Everything worked perfectly, then suddenly didn’t. I had help, over the internet, cleaning the computer in HijackThis threads. We did manage to find some infections, but, nothing that appeared to cause this.

I’m thinking the ide controller has gone bad. I found in the Device Manager under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, that I have an Intel 8280 1FB/FBM Ultra ATA Storage Controller - 266F and Intel 8280 1FR SATA AHCI Controller. Since nothing appears to be malfunctioning with the hard drive(sata), I’m wondering if I can bypass the ide controller by using an ide controller card.

So, my question is, can I bypass the ide controller by using an ide controller card? Will it interfer with the sata controller? After paging through the sticky for ide controllers, I’m still left with the question, if this is possible, what is a good ide controller card, preferably something that only addresses ide connections and hopefully will allow the hard drive to remain connected via the sata connection directly to the motherboard?

Any thoughts or advice to help this situation? I really don’t want to have to replace my drives, especially since I love the quality of burns I get with my 116dbk. Thanks for any help you can give!!!


have you already checked or even replaced your IDE cable?
I guess, you know the drives you have installed, need the 80 conductor type.

There shouldn’t be a problem to use a IDE controller card for your drives (I’d suggest a card with Silicon Image 0680 chipset, flashed to non-Raid Bios). Perhaps you can even disable your IDE (P-ATA) controller in Bios setup (Dell Bios has only limited options).

I’d start with the cable…


Yes, I have replaced the cable with another 80 wire. Got the same results with the original as I did with the new.

I would like to know if the Intel 8280 Ultra ATA Storage Controller and the Intel 8280 SATA AHCI Controller are one in the same unit, or, are they seperate units?

In the end, I got three options…1) Try an IDE controller card, 2) Gamble on the SATA controller being good and replace both my dvd burners with SATA drives, 3) Replace the motherboard. Honestly, if I have to replace the motherboard, I’d sooner build a new computer with the motherboard of my choice.

Thanks for the recommendation on the IDE controller card. I’m going to see what I can find tonight. I thought I saw one that was already non-SATA, so, I’ll have to see what that’s all about. Thanks again!

I found two cards pretty quick. Which would you recommend…

1.) Rosewill RC-208 PCI IDE(ATA) Silicon Image Host Controller un-RAID.


2.) SYBA SD-ATA133I PCI IDE Ultra Controller Card (Non-RAID).

Both mention Silicon Image 0680 in their specs.

Any thoughts on these? Thanks!

Both sound good.

We have two “Read First” threads in the General Hardware forum, that deal with controller cards.
Maybe you should have a look there in order to get opinions about these two cards.


I started to read through those threads last night when I realized I just didn’t have the time. I posted the question to see if I got a quick responce by the time I got back in. I ended up ordering the Rosewill before having to get some sleep…finally. Hopefully, it will help out the situation with this computer.

Though you’ve bought the Rosewill already, but I can vouch that the Syba card works fine.

Thanks KTL. Hopefully, it will be here Thursday and I can get it in before the weekend. I’ll post back how it goes. I really hope it allows me to by-pass the integrated controller and get this computer working normal again. I have a couple things I need to burn and haven’t been able to for over a month now…not to mention all the freezes I’ve been experiencing because of this. Hopefully, this proves to be a cheap fix. If it was a year from now and these problems started, I’d have no problems convincing myself to start over with a new computer. Unfortunately, I need a new roof on the house, clutch for my truck, tires for my wifes truck, the list goes on…and on. It’s just not going to be easy to shoe-horn a computer into the budget this year if the problems with this computer are larger than just a controller card.

I installed the Rosewill RC-208 and everything worked fine. I haven’t had any problems with it, but, have not burned anything yet. I am still having to deal with the original problems. I was hoping that this card would help with that, but, it’s appearant that the problems are much deeper than a bad controller. I am now left wondering if it’s a bad motherboard or even the hard drive. That’s another thread/post though.