IDE Controller problem

I just purchased a ST-LAB, A-142 PCI ATA/133 IDE controller and attached to my computer. I installed the driver (without connecting the HDD cable yet) and computer recognized the card.
Then i turned off and connected a hard drive with the flat cable to ide1 or ide2 - then windows wont start. I tried at another pci slot - same thing.
tried on my second computer - card works ok !
My first computer is a core 2 duo intel 4500 processor, MSI mother board model:MS 7255.
Any idea? do i need to do something at my bios definitions?

only when i conect the ide hard drive to one of the ide ports - the winows won’t start.

if someone has idea - plesae email me to



Check the boot order in the BIOS with the new drive connected.

Usually they list add-in cards as “bootable card” or “scsi card” and if your HDD on the card is not the one you boot from (which it seems to be from your info) then make sure it is put last in the boot list.

Some mobo’s list 2 boot order options. The first just has HDD, CD, FDD in the list and a second menu lists what order the HDD’s are looked at for boot info.