Ide controller card prevents system start

ok I have 3 drives.
One has win 98 se on it and is my primary master,
second drive is winxp and is primary slave. They are set on ide 1 on the mobo.
Then I have a plextor cd burner set as a secondary primary master and a dvd rom as a secondary primary slave.
Ok now I have a 3rd drive I want to use as a storage drive so I bought a silicon image 0680a chipset ide card. The jp1 is a wire soldered direct so it tells me that its operating with raid enabled. The card is has the optional raid.
I placed this card into a pci slot and plugged the ide blue to blue and the black end to the storage drive. Ive set the drive to all 3 settings Master,Slave,CS. Nothing corrects the problem.
Im not sure as to what the bios would have to be set at. Its a phoenix award bios from 4/23.2001 on a chaintech mobo 7aja2.
I changed settings in the bios to see if anything would let me correct the problem. I wrote down all the settings so I wouldnt screw up the bios settings. The most Ive changed were boot up options. Then returned them to the original settings.
I have Boot it installed as well to select which os system I want to navigate.
When I just have the card in the pci slot I can access boot it and select the os. It proceeds to a blank screen with a flashing underscore. Goes no further.
If I have the drive connected to the card it only goes as far as verifying dmi pool data. Tried adding a drive to boot it and it wont add it.
I tried plugging the ide from win xp drive and only the card installed. Wont let it boot. I also tried the diabling both ides on the mobo and connecting the ide to the card itself. Nothing.
Is there a bios conflict between the card bios and the mobo bios? Or is there a setting Im missing the mobo bios? Or do I have a jumper wrong? There is only one jumper you can do and that is jp2.
If the card is disconnected all will boot up with no problems.

Here is the details on the card from the box. For Best Ports Connections Ultra ATA IDE Controller Card.Silicon Image Sil 0680A IDE-Card, Raid,medley software, ultra ata 133. I read numerous threads all over the net on this card but couldnt find anyone with the exact problem Im having. Similar but not exact that would correct the problem.
Ill try loading the DOS driver in. I thought about it before posting but figured I post first. Maybe it was a bios option that I didnt do.
I did try to move the card to a different slot but it ended up the same thing.

And is this normal or my problem?
I checked the following
start,programs, accessories,system information,hardware resources, and conflicts/sharing
IRQ14 Primary IDE Controller(dual fifo)
IRQ14 VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller
IRQ15 Secondary IDE Controller(dual fifo)
IRQ15 VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller