IDE connection for harddisk, DVD writer and CD writer

what is the best IDE connection when u have 2 writers (CD and DVD).

i set the writers as secondary master and slave, the hardisk as primary master. Is this the best connection?

Should i switch one of the writers as primary slave?

What type of IDE cables should i be using?



In general it is always better to use 80 wire cable. If possible, you will have the least trouble with the HD on its own cable. Set the burners on the other cable in any order, usually the DVD master just to make firmware flashing easier (except for LG 4163). Sounds like what you have is perfect.

is an 80 wire cable same as an ultra DMA cable?

Yes, and one end is usually blue. Also you can see the wires are much thinner.

After reading this post I am a still a little confused.

I am planning to buy a benq 1640 and couldn’t find any cables fitting your description at newegg, but found these at

  1. Cable for Ultra DMA 66 IDE Hard Drives 3 connector, 80 conductors, 18in

  2. IDE ATA/Ultra 100 Teflon Ribbon Cables
    Cable for Ultra DMA 100 IDE Hard Drives
    3 connectors
    80 conductors

  3. Cable for Ultra DMA 66 IDE Hard Drives
    3 connectors
    80 conductors

Could someone please tell me what the diffence, why 1 and 3 are priced differently and maybe what I should purchase, links to good cables to buy would be appreciated. Also does the quality of the cable effect burning quality, or not really.

Thanks :bow:


Newegg has hundreds of cables-

Use their search for “IDE cables” - you’ll be amazed at what comes up-


Thanks, I looked some more and found some but I am still confused as to whether all cables that look like the one chas0039 posted are 80 conductors

all flat 80 wires ide cables looks like that blue/grey/black, and all 40 wires ide cables have all black connectors like this

and all round ide cables are 80 wires , anyway you might find more results if youll search for “ata133 ide cable” as in many cases 80 isnt mentioned and ata133 does cuz its the max speed of an 80wires ide cable

So it’s best to put both optical drives on the same channel, as Master and Slave?

Optical drive always work best on their own cable as Master and Slave. Make no real difference which is master but most people put the “most important” drive as master. If you are forced to put an optical with an HD put the HD as master. Even then it can still be a problem.

Thanks for the reply. I have heard some say that you want to put one drive on the Primary Channel and one drive on the Secondary Channel so you won’t be limited to sequential operation.

Kinda confusing for me, I guess.

Thanks for the reply, I wasn’t sure since they didn’t say 80 wires, but now I do, thanks.