IDE Channels



Hi all,

I’m changing over from an IDE HD to a SATA HD today.

Should I move my burners from Secondary IDE to Primary IDE after the switch?

Thanks for your help.


It shouldn’t make any difference really, but I probably would just for neatness as I’d rather have an empty secondary than primary.


Hi :slight_smile:
Yes I would. Remember when booting up the pc will scan both ides’. You could (this is what I do) have both drives as master (one primary the other secondary). Even if keeping old hd for utilities etc, as you won’t be booting from this drive anymore it can be set as slave on either primary (my choice) or secondary.


Didn’t spot burner[B][U]s[/U][/B]. As you’ve got 2 I’d go with 1 on each channel as master as Zebadee suggests.


Thanks guys.

I have 2 cables with the Master/Slave connections so I’ll have hanging bits lol but I’ll try that anyway.

Thanks again.


Ah wait… zebadee was talking about the HD I think.

I am removing the IDE HD completely, so I will have a completely free IDE channel if I keep things set up as they are.


I would put the burner that I would use as reader on top and the other below, both standalone masters, reader on primary, other on secondary.

of course I like to COF at 8x


I believe that zebadee is saying have your burners on a seperate ide channel.
So one primary master and one secondary master. This is even if your keeping the old hard drive or not. good luck.


Just got everything back up and running… it never works how it’s supposed to lol.

Put the burners as suggested. Haven’t had a chance to use them yet but I’m sure it will be fine.

Thanks again.