IDE Channels

Hi there,

Setting up drives in a new case, they are the following

Hard disk drive (1-off)
DVD Rom (1-off)
CD Rom (1-off)
CD Writer (1-off)

I remember seeing a thread somewhere people having probs with running securerom 5 backups and backing up originals if the drives aren’t set on certain channels.

At moment I have hard drive as primary master, CD writer as primary slave, DVD Rom as secondary master and CD Rom as secondary slave.

Is this the optimal setup for backup and running backups from the DVD Rom??

Anybodys help would be appreciated

MadAl :bow:

I had a problem with my drives a few weeks ago where my burn speed was too slow and someone advised me that to copy DVD’s at the full speed the drive allows I should have the drives on different IDE channels.

My rig:
Primary Master - 40gb Hard Drive (Boot Drive)
Primary Slave - 160gb Hard Drive
Secondary Master - Sony DVD-ROM
Secondary Slave - Philips 16x burner

According to this guy this wasn’t the recommended setup, yet there was no other way to do it because a DVD drive wouldn’t fit in a 5 1/2 inch hard drive bay and the IDE cables aren’t long enough to allow you to put the drives in the bays they’re supposed to be in and still connect them in the way he was suggesting.

I have no problems at all with the way I’ve got things at the moment, so I would say that it’s fine the way you have it right now.

Erm, not much wrong with those setups as far as I can tell. The only other way would be hard drives and optical drives on the same channel (a HDD and ODD on Primary and a HDD and ODD on Secondary), which isn’t very clever.