IDE Card Recommendation

My motherboard only has one IDE port which limits me to 2 optical drives at a time. In order to use more I need to buy one of the IDE controller PCI cards, but I don’t know much about them. Can anyone recommend one? A card with one IDE port is fine, 2 would be nice, having one with a sata port might be nice too. Thanks.

What’s your location?

If your in the USA i use this one,

Also here’s a post that might help explain what it works best with.

I second the recommendation from Rolling; using two of them in my current setup.

The card mentioned has two of the best attributes for an optical drive:

  • Silicon Image CMD0680 chipset : guaranteed to work with optical ATAPI drives
  • does not have a boot rom! Bad if you want to boot from your drive, but really great if you have already a Sil based SATA controller on your motherboard active. As 2 Sil chips cannot be active on the same PCI bus at the same time, one of them needs to have boot bios disabled to work. This is such a card.

A very good find!